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Recipes: 3 broccoli smoothies to help your body fight the effects of Hong Kong air pollution

After last week’s AQHI-registered highest Hong Kong pollution reading this year, we set out to find ways to help our body fight the effects of air pollution and learned that broccoli is the key to detox. Check out these recipes for broccoli smoothies to help your body fight the affects of Hong Kong air pollution.

Berry Broccoli Smoothie

Blueberries, strawberries, peanut butter and grape juice up the delicious factor in this berry broccoli smoothie recipe from

Kiwi Cucumber and Broccoli Green Smoothie

Banana is the key ingredient to sweeten up this crisp kiwi, cucumber and broccoli smoothie recipe from

Grape Mango Broccoli Smoothie

Add flax seed oil to your traditional smoothie to increase fiber and protein! We love this recipe for a grape mango broccoli smoothie to sort us for the day from