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Restaurant review: Greater China Club

If you’re interested in exploring authentic Cantonese cuisine but aren’t sure where to go, here’s a restaurant that comes highly recommended by EL reader BARBARA RAYMONDO. “I recommend taking the plunge at Greater China Club. I did, and it was lovely!”

First impressions

The entrance to the restaurant is through two striking red doors with traditional Chinese design. They provide quite the welcome, and, once you’re settled, the dining room offers a relaxed atmosphere. Our Cantonese experience began with a selection of Chinese teas to set the scene. If you’re new to Chinese tea, don’t worry: the staff are helpful and generous with their knowledge. They kindly guided us in choosing a tea that we enjoyed.

What’s on the menu

The first dish was quite a scene stealer! Chilled abalone came served with pomelo on scenic cold clouds of dry ice. Wow. The abalone’s natural flavour shone through, while the citrusy bite of the pomelo deliciously elevated the overall taste.

Greater China Club food - Cantonese cuisine

Another highlight was the barbecued prime Iberico pork. This was cooked to perfection and, though glazed with honey, wasn’t as sweet as I expected. The assorted dried seafood soup with saffron, together with the hot and sour (and spicy!) soup with shrimp and scallop, delivered a pleasant pause between the appetisers and mains.

Then came the restaurant’s popular Flaming Fortune Chicken. This dish reflects its Chinese name: rich and lucky. Wrapped in lotus leaves and baked in mud, the chestnuts, Chinese mushrooms, ginkgo nuts and tender chicken come together to give an incredibly rich and aromatic flavour. It’s a charming dish that’s perfect for sharing.

Next was refreshing sautéed Scotland razor clams with French pied bleu mushrooms, crunchy red pepper and spring onions. This comes with deep-fried eggplant coated with crabmeat, dried scallop and egg white to give a soft texture.

Greater China Club chicken

A simple dish is always a test, but the Greater China Club chef knows how to master his fried rice! This version, with scallop, avocado and egg white, was simple and superb. The avocado and pine nut topping give the dish an unexpected, almost exotic taste.

A dessert of sweetened black sesame rolls topped with delicate gold leaf and steamed egg custard buns concluded our Cantonese cuisine journey.

Why you’ll love it:

The food is great, and the service is attentive, polite and helpful.

This restaurant is perfect for:

Exploring Cantonese cuisine!

A, 10/F, D2 Place, 9 Cheung Yee Street, Lai Chi Kok 2743 8055 | greaterchinaclub.com

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