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10 places to buy alcohol online

If you can’t make it to the shops, never fear, there’s no need to have a dry glass in the house. Some of Hong Kong’s best booze shopping can be done online. Our favourite bit? You don’t have to lug it all home! Here’s a list of where to buy alcohol online in Hong Kong. Many offer free delivery!

  1. My Wine Man is a popular choice among expats. The ‘current favourites’ are a reliable recommendation for new buys if you’re keen to try something new. Buy wine from all over the world with free delivery if you order a dozen.
  2. HK Brewcraft is great browsing for home brew and local brew enthusiasts. If you aspire to brew your own beer, we suggest you order some local craft beers to enjoy while you research what it takes to create your own. Practice makes perfect. Find it all at
  3. The Flying Winemaker is a Hong Kong wine identity and trusted source of great vino. Eddie McDougall is a TV host, a wine maker, an Aussie expat and more. Check out his own range and more recommendations at this site.
  4. Victoria Wines is an easy site to navigate and browse. You can search for wines via brand or budget. For serious wine drinkers, this e-shop also has a range of wine fridges.
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  5. Watson’s Wine is a traditional retail store that also offers home delivery. This store has a selection of wines, spirits and even some gift options. There’s a loyalty programme for regular customers, too. Free delivery for orders over HK$1,000.
  6. The Bottle Shop offers all types of alcohol and mixers, including a range of tonics for those who can’t find their favourite brand at the supermarket. Order enough and delivery is free – hurrah!
  7. Wellcome is a large supermarket chain with stores all over the city. It has a range of wines, beers, spirits and ciders.
  8. ParknShop offers a similar range to Wellcome, but with some different international brands for certain items.
  9. Marketplace by Jason’s is a chain supermarket option. This site is likely to facilitate a better wine selection than the first two.
  10. CitySuper is another popular supermarket option for buying booze.

We’ve also been tipped off to Penticton, which is headed by Le Cordon Bleu-trained sommelier Olivia Lee, a wine service encouraging us all to discover exclusive new finds.  If you’re looking for a bargain try Kerry Wines. Or, if you prefer natural wines, you can peruse the selection at La Cabane. Those in Discovery Bay will know Via Pacifica well, but don’t forget this site does daily deliveries all over Hong Kong.

Prefer going out for a drink instead of buying alcohol online? Find out more about the city’s bar and restaurant scene here (bearing in mind any ongoing restrictions and closures):

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