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Do’s and don’ts for taking kids to the Maldives

dos and don’ts for taking kids to maldives, children, family, maldives
Gazing at The Maldives, dreaming of coke

It’s your parents’ 15th anniversary and they’ve decided to take you along with them on their dream vacation (as if they really had a choice). At six and a half hours away, the Maldives is a doable distance from Hong Kong (and, if your mum lets you watch Ted on the plane, it seems even closer). But it might not seem like the most ideal holiday destination for kids, so here are a few tips that might come in handy in the form of dos and don’ts…

DO pack snacks. Your parents may have bought the “breakfast only” deal.

DON’T assume you’ll be having lunch (see above).

DO take the seaplane from the airport to the resort.

DON’T drink juice right before you do.

DO try canoeing with your little sister.

DON’T rely on her to paddle.

DO remember sunscreen, hats, sunglasses and Oreos (those are for Mum).

DON’T expect to buy any of those things on the island. They only sell sarongs and expensive jewellery.

DO look for dolphins.

DON’T expect to see any.

DO try snorkeling. Just not with your mother.

DON’T bring your homework. They’ll really expect you to do it.

DO expect the baby pizza to be indeed meant for a baby. And yet, still cost $20 (USD not SGD!).

DON’T assume that, just because water costs as much as Coke, you’ll be getting Coke.

DO try a fast ride on the banana boat. Even if you fall in, the Indian Ocean water is warm.

Most importantly:

DON’T get lost on the island. You could get heatstroke before they even realise you’re gone.