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Teen skin care tips and treatments

The teen years are a time that most girls become conscious about their appearance and start to experiment with skincare, makeup and other beauty products.  Surging hormones, humidity and pollutants can all play havoc with skin, and establishing a good self-care routine becomes more important. But with so many beauty salons and products on the market, it can be daunting for teens to figure out what’s right for them. We share some skincare tips and treatments available for teens here in Hong Kong.

Skin Care

Screen Time & Skin

All that time spent on devices means teen skin is under attack! The technology our teens use at home and in the classroom is causing damage to their delicate skin. TVs, PCs and our smart devices all emit harmful digital and artificial blue light. As dermatologist Dr Stefanie Williams told Harper’s Bazaar last year, “We’re seeing increasing data on the potential long-term harm of visible light, and in particular blue light, on our skin.”

girl in bed on phone

Think of how many times a day your child checks their phone or sits in front of a screen. It all adds up! Our teens are battling an epic combination of pollution, blue light and their own hormones in a never-ending struggle for clear skin. It’s important they establish good skincare habits to maintain control over their complexions.

Establishing a skincare regime

Amanda Quigley, founder of Australian brand Ciencia, has 30 years of experience creating skincare products. She shares her recommendation for a teen skincare regime that fights Hong Kong’s harsh environment.

Step 1:
Cleanse8 – an oil-free gel cleanser that balances the skin without drying it out.

Step 2:
Mattifi8 – a light moisturiser that combats teen skin issues like blemishes and large pores.

Step 3:
Bluelimin8 – the world’s first product designed to protect and repair damage caused by digital and artificial blue light.

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Find out more at cienciaskincare.com.hk

Facial treatments

Light therapy

Can teens struggling with their skin benefit from facial treatments with light therapy? For teens experiencing breakouts, facials can be beneficial. This is because, even with the best intentions, it’s very difficult for young people to give their skin a thorough clean – and Hong Kong’s humidity and pollution don’t do them any favours! Regular facials remove excess dirt and can help minimise skin irritations that lead to breakouts. Facials are also a good way to rebalance the skin’s moisture. This may sound counter-productive when you’re battling pimples, but skin moisture is a key ingredient to keeping teen skin under control.

According to Melody Spoerri, senior therapist at Glow Spa & Salon, it’s generally safe to take your teen for facials from 14 years of age onwards. Then, after their initial facial, and depending on the condition of their skin, returning in two-week intervals is recommended. “For those teens struggling with skin issues, light therapy can be added to a regular facial. It produces remarkable results in reducing inflammation and irritation,” says Melody.

With this in mind, we sent our Expat Living teen tester to Glow to test out the spa’s light therapy and its special facial for teens.

Tried and tested

“I have oily skin, and my T-zone is where it gets the oiliest. My facial at Glow started with Melody removing the makeup from my face using a cleanser. I loved this part of the facial – it was nice and cold on my face, and the gentle massage helped me to relax. Melody then directed a steam machine towards my face to open my pores for about five minutes to prepare for the extraction step. The extraction part is never my favourite; although it was very gentle, the process was slightly painful and it was difficult to relax. Thankfully, it was over quite quickly.

After the extraction, I had blue light therapy. Melody told me this is used to quickly kill the bacteria on the skin that causes acne. She then massaged serums into my face using Virtual Mesotherapy paddles to infuse the products deep into my skin. This part is really relaxing – it made me fall asleep! After that, a face mask was applied and left on for about 10 minutes (a good opportunity for another nap!). Melody then cleansed my face again to remove the mask, before finally toning and moisturising my skin.

The hour was over way too soon! I would definitely recommend a Glow facial to a friend. Everyone is kind and welcoming, and they never made me feel self-conscious. Instead, I felt confident that my skin would improve – they made the whole experience positive.”

– Charleigh

Glow Spa
2525 5198 | glowspa.hk


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