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Recipe for sleepover party success

Sleepovers are memory-makers for our kids. These are the parties where BFFs are made and the best kind of secrets are told. What makes a memorable sleepover party for one youngster, may not work for another. While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, there is an art to creating a great experience that kids will remember for years to come.  LORNE and RACHEL ALI from The Tepee Tribe share the recipe for sleepover party success.

Choosing the right theme

Slumber parties are perfect for kids of all shapes and sizes. Little party-goers love staying up past bedtime, munching on midnights snacks, and telling stories until all hours. The trick to really standing out is to choose a theme that shows off the birthday boy or girl’s special interest.

Themes like space, dinosaurs or unicorns will wow kids of all ages. “Our space-themed parties are super cool; we feature planets and rockets, and even install a starlit sky for the kids to gaze at,” says Rachel.

Rachel’s Tips for Sleepover Party Success

Have a theme

Having a themed party is a great way to set the scene and help create an atmosphere of something special and memorable.

Engage your mini party planner

We suggest you get your child involved in the planning and choices for the party.

Keep it intimate

Keep the numbers of guests at a comfortable level – especially for sleepovers; sometimes less is more!

Be flexible

Plan some games but also be super flexible and go with the flow. Tepee Tribe parties are aimed at allowing children to be children and to enjoy their own special tepee space.

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