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A “little black book for parents”

It’s sometimes hard to work out if Hong Kong is a friend or foe for new mums. We have a plethora of parks and playrooms, yet many are tucked away out of sight. And, for all our glorious malls, it seems changing rooms and nursing nooks are few and far between. If only there were a little black book of kid-friendly facilities in Hong Kong…

That’s exactly what Chhin Lee, founder of Little Monkey, was thinking when she landed in Hong Kong back in 2012. She built the website as a way to help the community easily find and review child-friendly facilities in our city: from parks and playgrounds, to parent rooms and family-friendly cafés. We asked Chhin to share some tips.

Little Monkey mum

What’s your favourite Hong Kong park?

Aldrich Bay Park Children’s Playground has this amazing boat, great changing and nursing facilities, along with perfect play equipment for my two-year-old.

Hong Kong’s best-kept rainy-day secret?

Free indoor government playrooms! The Museum of History and the Science Museum are also favourites of my daughter Avelyn. They’re free (or a minimal fee) and provide hours of indoor fun. If you’re ever stuck for ideas, Little Monkey has listed over 100 indoor playgrounds for you to explore.

Little Monkey

Is Hong Kong a family-friendly city?

It’s fairly family-friendly, and has become more so in the last couple of years. Having Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam stress the importance of more nursing facilities is amazing! And restaurants are starting to better welcome children as well.

How is Little Monkey being sustainable?

The website uses renewable energy and we take part in the Eden Reforestation Projects. Each time a user is on our website searching for child-friendly facilities, they are also helping to plant trees that save lives. Our users are practically superheroes just for using Little Monkey!


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