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Teen focus: Boys want to look good too!

Beauty is not only the preserve of young girls – teenage boys are getting more and more interested in grooming and personal care.  From getting a great haircut to keeping in shape, here are two places to keep them looking good!

From the Barber!

We bring good news for mothers of teenage boys: men’s grooming is considered a modern-day must-have – for all ages. Any parent who remembers the grunge years will be very glad to hear this! Today’s teens are taking care of themselves, and old-school barber experiences are playing a huge role in making clean cool.

“Teenagers are definitely more interested in grooming,” says Clo Parker, manager at Fox and the Barber in Central, when asked if teens are more interested in grooming than their parents. “The whole industry has really caught on with teenage interest. The biggest hair show in the UK – Hair UK – now has a day dedicated to a younger audience.”

Fox and the barber

So, what’s turned the tide from when we were young? Instagram, of course. Clo says that teens want to look sharp, just like the celebrities they follow on social media.

Beyond celebrating this growing interest in personal hygiene, it’s also important to note the role today’s barbers play in helping our teens feel like responsible and trusted young adults. “The barbershop is a destination in its own right – the atmosphere, the music, the banter,” Clo says. “It’s an adult social setting where these young men are treated as adults – free to choose their own hairstyle and products. The first time you go to the barbershop and not your mum’s hairdresser is a big deal!”

Fox and The Barber
41-43 Graham Street, Central
2405 6880 |

Teen Muscle!

Is your teen keen to build muscle mass by lifting weights? Are you worried about their safety? We asked globally renowned MMA and fitness trainer Jon Bond for some guidance.

Is it okay for teenagers to lift weights?

From 12 to 14 years, teenagers should focus more on bodyweight exercises – pull-ups, press-ups, dips and so on. This creates a solid foundation of strength, balance and coordination. From 14 years, it’s safe to lift weights. Keep it simple – two or three sessions a week of bench presses, squats and deadlifts to create total body strength. The biggest misconception when it comes to teenagers lifting weights is stunted growth; there is little evidence to support this theory.

Can teenagers build muscle and become bigger?

Yes, by adding the correct weights programme into your routine, you can become stronger, and your muscles will grow bigger. You need to eat well though – many teenagers have a terrible diet. But you don’t need a specific bodybuilding diet. Eat healthy foods focusing on proteins (beef, chicken and fish), vegetables, simple carbs (brown rice and sweet potato) and good fats (avocados). And lots of water!

MMA Hybird

Are protein shakes and supplements safe for teens to consume?

Supplements are exactly that – they supplement a healthy diet; they can’t replace a balanced healthy diet. Focus on getting the essential nutrients you need from real food and make that a good habit first.

What’s your advice to teens looking to build a bigger physique?

Find a good coach to teach you the correct exercises and a routine to follow. Be patient and consistent. Eat a healthy diet and most of all have fun, train with your friends and make it social. Be competitive but not obsessive.

Hybrid MMA & Fitness is at
13/F, Entertainment Building, 30 Queen’s Road Central, Central.


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