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Fit and toned: Get ready for the 30-Day Xtend Barre challenge at Flex HK

The graceful way to get fit

The words “30-day challenge” seem to instantly evoke a sense of hard duty when placed in the context of a fitness regime, especially when there’s an element of physical coordination involved. Ballet takes on a whole new shape as Xtend Barre pas de marché over to Flex HK.

Although we usually opt to keep ourselves poised in a sweat-free, preferably pinky-up-with-stemmed-glassware-in-hand sort of way, our curiosity was piqued at the concept of a 30-day Xtend Barre challenge. Xtend Barre offers a comprehensive body-toning regiment that is kind to your immune system, and offers the right amount of cardio to shed unwanted fat.  The result is sculpted, long muscles – not the type that bulge from running or cycling or (gasp!) heavy weight lifting – that translates into donning those sweet little dresses to show off your pretty gams all summer long.

Graceful moves to create lithe bodies at Flex HK

Even if you’ve never tried ballet before (or are fearful of the sight of yourself in a leotard), Flex HK’s instructors are there to guide you through it, every step of the way. We like that sort of coaching: cheerleaders to help us achieve that fit, sexy, lean look with the benefit of poise and posture all rolled in.

We’ll see you at the barre.

Flex HK’s Xtend Barre 30-day challenge. The goal: Complete 15-20 Xtend Barre classes over 30 days in May.

Sign up for 15 classes over 30 days, and receive a pair of organic cotton Xtend Barre® grip socks and two mini-intensive Xtend Barre® workshops. Sign up for 20 classes, get a free Xtend Barre® ribbed tank, Xtend Barre® socks and two mini-intensive Xtend Barre® workshops.