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Stress busters to help you relax

Feeling the stress? Between the coronavirus, Hong Kong protests, Australian bushfires, Brexit and the floods, I’m sure we can all agree 2020 has us feeling rather like the girl below! But don’t panic… here are some products that will help you to find your zen. From giant stress balls to lava lamps and massagers, they’ll distract you and restore a sense of calm.

(Note: The products featured are shipped to Hong Kong by Amazon Singapore.)

Essential Oil Diffuser

Ah, the spa – surely one of the most relaxing places you can go. So why not bring it home with your own diffuser? This one is also a humidifier and can go for up to six hours! Grab some oils from the Lagunamoon Therapeutic oil pack and you’re set.Oil diffuser

Vibrating Massage Gun

Athletes love these massage guns and for good reason: they get all of those aches and pains out of your muscles. Be warned, though: this thing is very powerful and very addictive.

Massage gun for stress

Giant Bead Stress Ball

Sure, you could get a normal-sized stress ball … but it would be a lot less fun, right? Try this Giant Bead Stress Ball instead, and squeeze away all your problems!


Rose Quartz Roller Face Massager

While you’re sitting watching TV (or the paint dry, if you find that more relaxing), roll this little number around your face and neck. It’s very soothing and will make you look years younger too – or so they say!

Cute Metal Base Lava Lamp

A classic home accessory and an icon for many, this light is sure to make you calm as you can watch it for hours on end.

lava lamp

Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 Smartgarden3-BG

A garden must be one of the more peaceful places on earth, so why not bring your own miniature version into the home?

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