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The growing MMA scene in Hong Kong

Whether you’re looking to develop self-defence skills or try a new fun sport to keep fit, there are many benefits to training in martial arts – both mental and physical.  And Hong Kong’s MMA (mixed martial arts) community is getting stronger by the month, with globally renowned trainers like Jon Bond being drawn to the scene, and bringing next-generation training technologies. We caught up with Jon at his new facility, Hybrid MMA.

How does Hong Kong’s MMA scene compare to other cities?

It’s growing, and an abundance of coaches is helping that growth. I’d say the central area alone has more Brazilian jiujitsu (BJJ) black belt coaches than most big cities. Mainly, practitioners are enjoying the individual components of BJJ, Muay Thai and boxing over MMA as whole. Hong Kong is slowly producing MMA fighters. To grow, we need more local shows.


How is Hybrid MMA supporting the city’s core MMA community?

We want to help grow MMA in Hong Kong. There are a lot of young fighters with a lot of potential; the more we can come together as a community to help these kids grow as competitors, the better. Something Muay Thai does very well is inter-club tournaments, where young fighters can dip their toe into competition in a safe and controlled environment. MMA in Hong Kong would benefit from this approach.

What makes MMA appealing to those who love to train?

There is a saying: “The mats don’t lie”. In a world where it’s easy to be fake, you cannot fake your ability on the mat. Martial arts allow you to grow as a person. I’ve never met a more supportive community than the fight world. I can’t think of another sport where beginners can train alongside pro fighters and be welcomed with no ego. For me, this is the essence of true martial arts. Is MMA a family-friendly sport? Very much so. MMA is not just fighting in a cage (or an Octagon). For kids, it’s perfect for building confidence, discipline and respect. BJJ and Judo are great for self-defence – way better than any choreographed self-defence class.

Tell us about Hybrid MMA’s optimisation ecosystem.

It’s impossible to be an expert in everything, so we’ve created an ecosystem of partners who are experts in their own fields. This means our clients have access to physio, meal prep, supplements and DNA-tested body analysis, all on the same premises. We believe those in the fitness industry should be helping each other to offer the best service possible. After all, we share a vision of a healthy, fit and happy physical environment to live in.

Hybrid MMA & Fitness is at 13/F, Entertainment Building, 30 Queen’s Road Central, Central.


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