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Circuit workouts you can do at home

Looking to switch up your routine? Give this full-body circuit workout a go!

Workout Notes:  Ultimate Performance (UP) recommends performing these three exercises all in a row (12 to 15 reps each) without a rest. Then, repeat the circuit two more times (so, three sets in total!).

Alternating Froggers

This exercise works the entire body, particularly your arms, glutes and legs.

1. Start in the plank position with your wrists positioned directly below your shoulders and body in a straight line.

2. Begin by bringing the right foot forward and placing it on the outside of your right hand. Pause for a split second and bring the right foot back to its starting position.

3. Repeat with the left foot.

Note: Once you get comfortable with the movement, you can speed things up.

Sit-up with Dumbbells

This move is great for working your abs and core.

1. Lie flat on the floor with the arch of your lower back flat on the floor. Do this by thinking of pressing your ribcage down toward the floor. Hold the dumbbell at your collarbone and inhale.

Tip: If using a weight is too difficult, lace your fingers together instead.

2. As you exhale, do a sit up and extend the dumbbell upwards.

3. Extend dumbbell downward and return to starting position.

Tip: Have your workout buddy press down on your feet if they keep lifting off.


This part of the circuit workout targets your legs (quads, hamstrings and calves) and glutes.

1. Begin with both feet placed firmly on a box. Start by stepping down with your right foot, only allowing the tip of your toes to lightly touch the ground.

2. Use your left foot to propel yourself back up. Then repeat on the other side.

Note: Hands can either be placed on your hips or on your shoulders for balance.


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