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UK boarding schools: Meet and interview with the Millfield team in Hong Kong 23 – 26 September

Millfield and Millfield Prep are renowned as two of the UK’s most successful schools. But what really defines ‘success’?  Is it outstanding academic performance and sporting results? Or is it the all-round wellbeing of each pupil – shaping the life skills, character and values needed to be happy, healthy and fulfilled?

Millfield firmly believes that you cannot have one without the other.

The leafy campus of Millfield
The leafy campus of Millfield

Established in rural Somerset in 1935 by ‘Boss’ Meyer with six princes from India, the senior school has evolved today to become the largest co-educational boarding school in the UK with over 1200 pupils, 75% of whom are boarders.  Millfield Prep has over 400 pupils, 35% of which are boarders. Both schools have approximately 20% international pupils and have a long tradition of welcoming expat pupils from Hong Kong; 70% of the current 60 Hong Kong  pupils are British expats.

Boarding starts from age 7 upwards, and both schools offer full boarding, with an exciting and diverse activities programme during the weekday evenings and weekends.  The schools have excellent transport links to both regional airports and London airports – Bristol airport is only 25 miles away.

See what it’s like to attend Millfield and Millfield Prep in the gallery above

To achieve this growth – from a small rural school to two international, multi-faith schools welcoming young people from all backgrounds and over 70 nationalities – took vision, determination and positivity, all skills Millford continues to nurture and encourage in pupils.

A keen focus on the arts
A keen focus on the arts


Millfield knows that size brings opportunity. Quite simply, the breadth and depth of their offer is unmatched anywhere else in the UK: Olympic-sized and 25 metre swimming pools, golf courses, on-site equestrian centres; concert halls, a theatre, art gallery and music centres; spacious dining rooms and hi-tech science blocks. From theatre, art and fashion to sport and science, Millfield enables pupils to follow their passions, all supported by expert teaching.

Millfield may be one of the bigger independent schools, but never loses sight of the individuals that matter. Millfield has carefully structured Millfield and Millfield Prep to make sure they are friendly, approachable and focused on the unique needs of every pupil. And, once your child has found their passion, Millfield tailors an education programme that’s right for them. What’s more, with a staff ratio of 1 staff member to every 6.5 children, each individual has the support they need, wherever their talents may lie.  Class sizes rarely exceed 16 and are often far lower.

Millfield is proud to be an innovator, and are always refining how to offer an exceptional, fully rounded education. In many respects, Millfield is continually learning, drawing inspiration and ideas from other sectors to prepare pupils for the future.  Examples of this include the launch of Nine at Millfield, a dynamic and diverse programme at Year 9 entry designed to help 13-14 year olds flourish, and the use of pupil iPADs to promote digital learning.

We have also carefully developed a Positive Education PHSE curriculum that fosters wider life skills. Millfield helps pupils develop into emotionally aware, confident, thoughtful and resilient young adults, ready for whatever challenges life holds in store. At Millfield, Positive Education goes beyond the classroom – it lives and breathes in boarding houses, the playing fields, the community activities and trips and expeditions.

With such a strong reputation, demand for places at Millfield remains very high. Millfield welcomes around 500 new pupils each year and their Admissions Team is happy to support parents and prospective students throughout the selection process. Millfield also offer scholarships and bursaries to talented young people, following in the philanthropic tradition of ensuring families with the financial means support those less able to afford school fees.

Over the years, many Millfield alumni have achieved great things in sport, culture, business and society. But, just as important as the exam results and top university places, are the friendships, memories and character traits that these special years instil.

Millfield Admissions, and Millfield Headmaster, Craig Considine, will be in Hong Kong, 23 – 26 September 2015 to meet and interview prospective students and parents.

To learn more about Millfield and their approach, make an appointment to meet them in Hong Kong.  Please email to arrange a time.