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Mobile M+ NEONSIGNS.HK lights up Hong Kong’s urban landscape

By: Michelle Wonderland

Take a pretty picture? Check. Love Hong Kong history? Check. Want to get a window onto the world? Check.  Then you should check out the online user-interactive photography exhibition by Mobile M+ NEONSIGNS.HK.

Commercial press near Jordan and Nathan Road; Photo by M+ user Joseph KK Lee

Preservation focused M+ is on the hunt for photos of notable Hong Kong neon signs to display on its site NEONSIGNS.HK, with the aim to educate the public on protecting these iconic symbols of Hong Kong culture.

Preserving Hong Kong’s neon history through NEONSIGNS.HK; Photo by M+ user David

Ranging from galleries to videos to essays and more, NEONSIGNS.HK tells the collective story of Hong Kong, unfolding tales instantly before the eyes of its user.

NEONSIGNS.HK visual culture exhibition will be on ‘display’ until June 30th.