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Creativity Meets Conservation introduces Hug a Panda and Adopt a Panda: PMQ is the last stop for 1600 Pandas, kicking off a three-week exhibition for WWF

Your opportunity to Make a Panda, Adopt a Panda and Hug a Panda just got real!

Get up close and personal with the WWF 1600 Pandas World Tour in Hong Kong: Creativity Meets Conservation tour as these cuddly bears take a three-week residence at PMQ. Programs such as Make a Panda, Adopt a Panda and Hug a Panda were revealed at the Creativity Meets Conservation final stop, giving us a case of the gigglies as we prepare to hug, adopt and make our own monochrome cuties.

At the designated Hug-a-Panda area, you can hug and take photos with the paper mache pandas!

Adopt one of the 1600 paper mache pandas from the PMQ exhibit! Adoption costs per panda range from HK$200 to HK$450 and all the proceeds are to be donated to the WWF-Hong Kong for conservation and education purposes.

If you were one of the lucky ones to snag a space at the Made-in-Hong Kong paper mache panda workshop, smile knowing that your very own panda based on the Paulo Grangeon “Father of 1600 Pandas”, will also be on displayed for two weeks in July! All proceeds will be donated to WWF – Hong Kong.