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Alternative Hen nights for Fitness Fanatics in Hong Kong

When it comes to a bridal shower or hen’s party, afternoon tea is perfectly lovely, and if you’re getting married in the summer a junk might be nice. But if you’re looking to send off your gal pal in style, Aerial Arts Academy offers something that is, erm, poles apart from the norm. (And their programmes are great for pre-wedding fitness too!)

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Girls just wanna have fun!

If I wanted to organise a hen’s night or bridal shower at AAA, what do you offer for a group of ladies looking for fun?

Usually our hen’s party is an hour long but the girls are always welcome to extend it. Each party includes a bottle of sparkling wine, an experienced instructor and our studio for 60 minutes (if you choose to have it at our studio). We have several options for party packages: a pole dancing party makes a fabulous start to a special night. You and friends will learn some basic spins, tricks and linking moves that will be put together in a little dance routine. There’s also our Burlesque Night where you’ll all learn burlesque dancing, including the walks, poses and moves using props such as feather boas, fans and chairs, while sipping wine and having a great giggle together. Finally, the Viva Las Vegas package lets you recreate the glamour of Las Vegas and experience the transformation of you and your friends into spectacular showgirls!

For general fitness, what do your classes involve and what are the benefits for brides-to-be?

Pole dancing has many benefits. People always see pole dance as a nightclub performance; the truth is it has become a popular choice of fitness activity. As pole tricks often involve different body parts, the muscles that we rarely use can really get trained up. Pole dance also involves floor-work (dancing with and around the pole), which helps to improve your body posture and balance. This is also a good option if the bride wants to perform something special during the wedding as she can always bring in the portable stage pole to the venue.

Aerial silks and aerial hoop are usually thought of as circus acts but they are getting popular in Hong Kong for fitness purposes. Similar to pole dancing, the tricks involve many different muscles, so this is also a good way to tone your body. We also offer a range of dance classes including Sexy Chair, Stiletto Heels, Burlesque, and Twerking. The benefits include weight loss, improved flexibility and posture, and muscle toning.

It can be very stressful preparing for a wedding, so another option is Flyoga, which helps ease the tension in your body and mind. It involves stretching tight areas such as the shoulders, hips, hamstrings and lower back as we let go of the demands of the day and rest in the present moment.

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