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2020 public holidays for short breaks

Hong Kong’s annual calendar holds a multitude of public holidays – we’re lucky enough to benefit from both Eastern and Western festivals. The 2020 Hong Kong public holidays are perfectly positioned for quick getaways. For avid travellers, it only takes a few judicious extra annual leave days to enjoy a run of time off that will allow you to explore short breaks around Asia. Here’s how!

  • New Year’s Day 01 Jan (5 days) Public holiday: WED Add: MON 30, TUE 31 Dec
  • Chinese New Year 25-28 Jan (9 days) Public holidays: SAT, SUN, MON, TUE Add: WED 29 to FRI 31 Jan
  • Ching Ming Festival 4 Mar  (1 Day)  Public holiday: SAT
  • Buddha’s Birthday 30 Apr (4 days) Public holiday: THU
  • Labour Day 1 May (4 days) Public holiday: FRI
  • Dragon Boat Festival 25 Jun (4 or 7 days) Public holiday: THU Add: FRI 26 Jun; or 26, 29, 30 Jun
  • Hungry Ghost Festival  2 Sep (5 days) Public holiday: WED Add: 31 Aug & 1 Sep; or 3-4 Sep
  • National Day 1 Oct (4 or 9 days off)  Public holiday: THU Add: 28-30 Sep for 9 days off
  • Mid Autumn Festival 2 Oct  (4 or 9 days off)  Public holiday: FRI Add: 28-30 Sep for 9 days off
  • Chung Yeung Festival 26 Oct (1 Day)  Public holiday: MON
  • Christmas 25 Dec, 26 Dec (3 or 10 days)  Public holiday: FRI & SAT Add: 28-31 Dec for 10 days off


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