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Dinner party menu inspiration

Planning a dinner party? Then you’ll need some dinner party menu inspiration. At Expat Living, we love entertaining. Check out these crowd-pleasing, easy-to-create recipes that will make your next dinner party a breeze!

Chilli prawns - recipe
Kick things off with a hint of chilli


Mildly spicy chilli prawns

Open your dinner party menu with a little kick of spice. These mild chilli prawns are only a little bit spicy so they’re friendly for all tastes and ages. This is an easy and quick recipe for when you have guests. Click here for the recipe

Vietnamese chicken salad

This pretty dish is fresh and colourful and healthy – a great combination for opening your dinner party. The Vietnamese chicken salad can also be prepared in advance, making your evening load a little lighter! Click here for the recipe

Vegan tofu barrels

The recipe for these vegan tofu barrels has been shared by an Indian expat mother and reader of Expat Living, Soumita Bhattacharya. She says, “This healthy vegan dish is an easy one to cook, and has a ‘hide and seek’ element in it. The crust is lightly crispy on the first bite, then smooth as you dig into the stuffing… yum! It goes really well with any beverage.” Click here for the recipe

Peppercorn beef tenderloin recipe
Peppercorn tenderloin is perfect for a sharing or individually plated menu


Peppercorn tenderloin with horseradish sauce

This peppercorn beef tenderloin dish is a great option for a sharing plate or an individually plated meal. It’s served with a creamy horseradish sauce that gives it a great kick.  Click here for the recipe

One-pan baked salmon and veggies

One-pan dishes are great because they’re easy, they look fab when you present them, and everyone can choose their own serving. This salmon dish is nice and healthy too. Note the portion sizes and duplicate the recipe according to how many guests you’ve invited. Click here for the recipe

Elderflower cider roast chicken

Roast chicken smells divine – the perfect fragrance to greet your guests and set the tone for a dinner party! This fail-safe favourite roast chicken recipe is one that you can set and forget while you get busy entertaining and welcoming guests. Click here for the recipe

Berry Cake recipe
Shhhh… this berry masterpiece is sugar-free, but no one will ever know!


Easy lemon meringue pie

This pie is always a refreshing crowd-pleaser. Choosing a ready-made cake for dessert means less time in the kitchen preparing each course and more time attending to your guests. Click here for the recipe

Banana compote

Banana compote is Brazilian comfort food at it’s best! Plated with some cinnamon sticks, this easy dinner party menu option looks modern and neat. It’s a great family-friendly option if you’re hosting friends and their kids. Click here for the recipe

No-bake tofu lemon cheesecake

If you’re looking to create a menu that is lighter on calories, this lemon cheesecake recipe could be the perfect dessert. By replacing part of a traditional cheesecake recipe’s cream cheese with soy products, this dessert is lower in carbs, sugar and fat – and higher in healthy plant protein – than conventional cheesecakes. Click here for the recipe

Berry dream cake

This berry dream cake is sugar-free, but we promise your guests won’t even notice. It’s slathered in cream and fresh berries and will have everyone fighting for a second helping.  Click here for the recipe

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