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Hong Kong Past and Present: Facts & Trivia

In our regular feature, we investigate Hong Kong’s past and present, with interesting facts, tips, trivia and time travel – and the occasional tricky challenge for readers! We’ll be updating this every month or two, so don’t forget to check back regularly!


Jumbo Floating Restaurant Hong Kong

Floating Food

While Jumbo Kingdom mightn’t be our top choice for a dinner outing, the floating restaurant at Aberdeen has an interesting past.

  • Jumbo Kingdom consists of two floating restaurants: Jumbo and Tai Pak. A third venue, Sea Palace, was allegedly towed to Australia or the Philippines, perhaps in the 1960s.
  • Tai Pak featured in hit film Love is a Many-Splendored Thing (1955) and Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon (1973).
  • Worried about seasickness between first and second course? Don’t be. The boats are actually moored by concrete.
  • A deadly fire before the Jumbo opening in 1971 resulted in dozens of deaths and injuries. Stanley Ho was involved in the subsequent purchase and redevelopment of the site.
  • Tom Cruise, Queen Elizabeth II and David Bowie are past Jumbo guests.
  • As we were going to press, Jumbo was ranked the 1263rd best Hong Kong restaurant on TripAdvisor.

What Makes Dolphins Pink?

Pink Dolphin

Documented for the first time almost 400 years ago, Hong Kong’s unique pink dolphins are sadly decreasing in number; there may be as few as 40 left in these waters today. Happily, they can still be sighted – Hong Kong Dolphinwatch runs trips to spot the dolphins while also striving to bring attention to their plight.

So, why are they pink? Well, they’re actually born black; they then fade to grey and finally to white. The reason for the pretty colour is the same reason we get flushed cheeks when we exercise: it’s a cooling mechanism. Blood and oxygen pass through the vessels very close to the skin, causing the body to lose heat.


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