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What exactly is wheatgrass and how does it work?

By now you’ve probably heard the buzz about wheatgrass and how it can boost your health – but what exactly is it and how does it work? Amrita Harjani, Hong Kong distributor for Dr Wheatgrass products, tells us more.

Wheatgrass can improve your health through a natural healing process
Wheatgrass can improve your health through a natural healing process

Dr Wheatgrass was founded in 1995 by Dr Chris Reynolds, an Australian who became aware of the impact of wheatgrass on the natural healing process. From there, he began developing a variety of products using the food. “Our brand has the world’s first wheatgrass in a bottle,” says Dr Reynolds, “and the range consists of five organically certified (NASAA approved) product lines that include oral wheatgrass shots, creams, sprays and balms, all containing the world’s most supreme superfood.”

According to Amrita, the products harness the power of the “grass juice factor” at the time an extract is created, which is what gives them the best nutritional and healing powers for your skin and body. One of the most popular products from the brand is Dr Wheatgrass Supershots, which contain a natural, specially formulated, anti-oxidant-rich extract derived from fresh, young, vital sprouts. Supershots contain only natural ingredients and no artificial flavouring, and Amrita says that they have a number of benefits. “They’re great for beating the winter cold because the grass juice factor stimulates growth factors in the body that are important in the immune response and in cellular repair,” she says. “Supershots are also a great detoxifier after the binge eating and alcohol consumption of the festive season, and ideal for sufferers of ulcerative colitis, since this is an autoimmune condition and wheatgrass is an immune modulator.”

In addition, they’re a tastier alternative to raw juice, making them popular with kids. “The wheatgrass sprout extract we use contains much higher levels of antioxidants compared with raw juiced wheatgrass,” Amrita adds. “Also, juicing doesn’t extract all bioactive material from the wheatgrass leaves; a significant amount remains in the fibre, which doesn’t get absorbed into the body. By comparison, our extraction process, which takes several months, yields almost 100 percent return of bioactives.”

Amrita says Supershots can be taken daily at any time and in any place. “They’re ideal for the traveller or shift-worker and many others who don’t have access to a juice bar or can’t cultivate their own grass.” Other products in the Dr Wheatgrass range include a skin recovery cream for dry skin, which promotes cell recovery and repair – particularly good for damaged skin and conditions like eczema and acne.

“Our super-balm contains the highest amount of wheatgrass extract compared to other products and it works to provide deep tissue massage for muscular aches and pains,” Amrita says. There’s a skin recovery spray, too, which Amrita says has been successfully used to treat skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and contact dermatitis in cases where months of pharmaceutical treatment haven’t worked. Dr Chris Reynolds has also manufactured a new spray, the WheatFIX burn spray, which can be used as an effective treatment for second degree burns.

Products can be ordered online at In Hong Kong, they are stocked by Integrated Medicine Institute (, Spicebox (, and Essential Touch Salon.

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