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Considering getting hair extensions?

If you’re looking for a solution for thinning hair or just fancy a fuller look, you may be considering hair extensions. To find out more about how they work we asked SIOBAN GUILFOYLE from Glow Spa and Salon in Hong Kong for her expert advice.

When would you recommend hair extensions?

People use hair extensions for a number of reasons. In addition to adding length, volume and shape, those with damaged and fine hair can use extensions as a way of adding highlight colour without doing further damage or adding stress to the hair. Hair extensions are the perfect way of switching up styles and colour without the full commitment of changing the natural hair permanently with colour dye or bleach.

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What type of hair extensions do you recommend?

Glow Salon has been awarded as Hong Kong’s first accredited Gold Fever salon. The Gold Fever hair extension brand works with salons on an invitation-only basis, so that gives you an idea of how exclusive they are. In addition to Gold Fever, we work with several other reputable hair extension brands, including the Australia Hair Extension brand Seamless1. If you’re looking for longer hair styles with impressive volume, Gold Fever is recommended, not only because of the extreme high quality of the hair, but also because of the shorter taper.

What does that mean – “taper”?

Taper refers to the difference in length between the shortest and the longest strands of hair in an extension bunch. Bundles with a longer taper include a larger proportion of short hair and fewer longer strands. Shorter taper comprises mostly long healthy hair. The difference is considerably noticeable after application.

Do you consider hair extensions to be ethical?

That’s a great question. Hair extensions have exploded as a worldwide trend, and the demand for human hair is enormous. The only truly ethical and traceable hair is Indian hair of the finest quality. The only way to ensure its provenance is to use hair that is tonsured at Indian temples as part of a religious ceremony and donated at no cost by willing and happy worshipers. An alternative supply is hair voluntarily sold by women as part of the Indian culture and sourced exclusively from long-standing, credible vendors. The funds generated by the temples are used to build schools, hospitals and other Luscious charitable causes. This is how Gold Fever sources hair, and every order of hair is accompanied by a certificate of ethicality.

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In August 2019, Glow relocated to a new 4,400-square-foot space, located at 8/F, Silver Fortune Plaza, 1 Wellington Street in Central

How can I manage hair extensions in Hong Kong’s humidity?

Managing hair extensions is surprisingly easy! They’re not as susceptible to the humidity and generally you will find them less frustrating than dealing with your own humidity-prone hair. The key to maintaining your extensions is to regularly brush your hair, use the recommended homecare, and avoid tangling. If they’re well-applied, quality hair extensions should last you at least 10 to 12 weeks.

How much do I need to budget for good-quality hair extensions?

Prices for extensions at Glow vary depending on brand, length, bonding style and volume. Adding volume or disguising a thinning area starts from $2,500 while a full head application ranges from $7,500 to $14,500, depending on the desired volume and length. Glow offers instalment options, making the cost of extensions a little easier on the wallet. These options can be discussed with your extensions specialist.

In August 2019, Glow relocated to a new 4,400-square-foot space, located at 8/F, Silver Fortune Plaza, 1 Wellington Street in Central.

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