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Want to keep up your exercise regime while expecting?

By: Kate Farr

We chat to Alex Inglis, instructor at Central’s leading Pilates and Gyrotonic studio Iso Fit about smart pregnancy workouts that work with your growing body during pregnancy, and her top tips for safe and steady postnatal weight-loss.

There is a common perception that working out during pregnancy is risky and that pregnant women should do nothing more strenuous than knitting bootees while they wait for the stork. But if 40 weeks as a couch potato isn’t for you, then Alex Inglis – a mum herself – has good news.


pregnancy workouts: Women can continue with workouts at Iso Fit during pregnancy
Women can continue with exercise at Iso Fit during pregnancy

“Pregnant women can continue with whatever fitness style they enjoy; they will just need to modify and reduce the intensity; exactly when that needs to happen is dependent on them, but their bodies will quickly tell them what is too much.” She adds, “Listen to your body, as it is solely focused on the growing baby – if it doesn’t like something, it’ll tell you!” Iso Fit focuses on two fitness specialities, Pilates and Gyrotonic, both of which are gentle yet effective exercises that are ideal for pregnancy workouts. Alex clarifies that, unless otherwise advised by their doctor, women can continue with Pilates routines after the first trimester – all the way up until birth. And the benefits of Pilates during pregnancy are numerous.

pregnancy workouts: Iso Fit focusses on Pilates and Gyrotonic workouts
Iso Fit focusses on Pilates and Gyrotonic workouts

Although Gyrotonic workouts are a little less well known, this discipline also has a number of important benefits to offer pre- and postnatal women. “It’s a movement method that creates flexibility and stamina,” says Alex. “The uniqueness of the system is that it stretches and strengthens at the same time, thereby increasing range of motion and developing coordination.” (If pregnancy has seen you bumping into table legs and stumbling over your feet, the idea of improved coordination will undoubtedly sound very appealing!) “It also provides an opportunity to move in all directions, and it flows though the body to create long, lean limbs and fabulous abs.”

The studio offers both private and semi-private training, but it is the group class environment that sets Iso Fit apart when it comes to catering to women looking for pregnancy workouts. “Pre- and postnatal clients are able to attend any of the group classes. The instructors are fully trained to be able to modify any exercises to cater to anyone’s requirements,” says Alex, meaning you and bub are in good hands. This is great news for women who want to continue to work out with their existing gym buddy or partner, and a smart way of making expectant clients feel like an integral part of the studio, rather than being forced to find a new workout for just a few months.

One less thing for busy mums-to-be to have to consider? We’ll take that!

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