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Stressed? Try a soothing massage oil

We all know Hong Kong can be a little overwhelming and its workplace demanding. One common recommendation for managing stress levels is to reconnect with nature – and nature doesn’t come much more pristine than the Australian wilderness. Happily, you don’t have to travel halfway across the world to incorporate some Aussie nature into your stress-relief routines. The country’s natural native plant extracts are among the best stress-relief remedies around, and they’re available here in Hong Kong. We find out more about Noelle Australia’s soothing range of natural skincare and body care products.

Three ingredients to look for

Here are some amazing ingredients you should consider incorporating into your daily beauty, skincare or detox regimes:

Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus is the smell of Australia and a rainforest treasure. Not only does it naturally soothe stress and anxiety, it also increases energy and calms muscles and joint pain. The fresh, almost minty fragrance works to immediately take your mind to the rainforest.

Tea Tree: This natural skincare remedy is packed with potent phytonutrients that help detoxify our stressed out bodies. It also calms the mind and smells fresh and reviving.

Lavender: As pretty as it is potent, wild Australian lavender is free and unhindered, just like the Aussie landscape. Lavender is a well-known remedy for those who are restless and in need of sleep. It helps to calm and increase mental focus, making it a beautiful and useful addition to any household.


Products to try today

They’ll all from Australia, and they all contain native plant extracts:

Noelle Stress Relief Body Wash

Comfort your mind and wash away Hong Kong’s stress with this tea tree and eucalyptus body wash.

What they’re saying on Instagram:

“I’ve recently started a new full-time job and this range couldn’t come soon enough! It smells amazing and oh my goodness it’s so relaxing. Highly recommend giving it a try!” @ourfamilyinsquares

Noelle Body wash

Noelle Stress Relief Massage Oil

This is a daily indulgence with Australian tea tree and eucalyptus that will help you relax and keep your skin soft at the same time. You can use it on your face and body.

What they’re saying on Instagram:

“This massage oil helps detoxify and relax those tense muscles, something I really needed since my muscles are sore from carrying Eliza around all day. It really calmed me down and I fell asleep soon after.” @mum_in_melbourne

Noelle Stress Relief Body lotion - Australian natural skincare and body care range

Noelle Australia’s range of natural skin and bodycare products are available at the following online outlets: | |

For more information, visit:

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