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Adopting a pet in Hong Kong

Considering adding a four-legged friend to the family? Having a pet can be a rewarding experience for a family – helping kids gain a sense of responsibility, as well as having a furry friend to love. A more active pet, such as a dog, can also help get kids out and about. If you are thinking about getting a pet, adopting a dog is a great option. Hong Kong Dog Rescue answers our questions on the adoption process.

Why should I adopt?

Adopting a dog helps to save two lives! When one dog finds a forever home, it opens up a space for a new dog to be taken into our care. At HKDR, we work hard to save as many lives as we possibly can, and we are proud to be a No Kill Organisation.

adopting a pet

What’s involved in the adoption process?

Adopting a dog is a major responsibility that requires careful thought; the entire family has to be on board. Some questions to keep in mind before adopting: Does your apartment have enough space and does it allow dogs? Do you have time to give the dog the amount of attention it needs every day? And who would care for the dog whilst you are on holiday? Are you prepared for the cost and the long-term commitment of having a dog? If you can provide a dog with a loving and permanent home please fill out our Adoption Questionnaire on our website.

Where can I go to adopt a dog?

We have two homing centres that are open every single day of the year, no matter what! Our Ap Lei Chau Centre houses our small sized dogs and our Tai Po Centre is home to our medium- to large-sized dogs. Plus, every Sunday afternoon at Whiskers N Paws we have our puppy adoption day.

How can I support HKDR if I’m not quite ready to adopt?

You can find out more about our different ways of volunteering and donation on our website.

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