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Where to find 24-hour urgent pet care

It’s always reassuring to know there’s a vet on call, just in case anything should happen to your precious animal and you need urgent treatment. The Animal Emergency Centre in Hong Kong is a fully equipped after-hours animal hospital with vets and nurses on duty all night.

It’s a place that’s saved many of Hong Kong’s beloved pets. DR ALEX LAM has been practicing as a vet for more than five years, and she recalls a Golden Retriever who presented at the Centre around midnight recently with splenic bleeding, caused by splenic cancer. Dr Lam performed emergency surgery overnight, with the team administering intravenous (IV) fluids, a blood transfusion, oxygen therapy and an abdominal wrap. The beloved pet was kept in the hospital for several days, under 24-hour observation while he recovered from surgery – just one example of how Animal Emergency Centre can help when our beloved pets fall ill.


For after-hours care (9pm-8am), call 2915 7979, and for more information, visit animalemergency.com.hk/eng.

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