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An easy teen makeup tutorial

Ready to experiment with makeup? Try this teen makeup tutorial by professional makeup artist Jade, from Hong Kong-based eco-organic hair and beauty experts Emmanuel F.

Follow these simple steps:

Set the base

1. Begin with a clean canvas. Always start with clean skin.

2. Colour-correct. Use a green concealer to reduce redness. Go easy; too much product will cake and look bad.

3. Foundation. Place a 50-cent-piece amount on the back of your hand. Dab it on different sections of your face and then use a sponge to blend it out.

4. Under-eye concealer. Apply with a brush or your ring finger. Be gentle; less is more.

5. Set your base. Use a big brush and powder to set the canvas you’ve created.


6. Create shape and depth with bronzer. Find your cheekbones and contour just beneath them.

7. Create a flush with blush. Peachy coloured blushes complement most skin tones. Start at the apple of your cheeks and move out along the cheek bone.

8. Highlight. Create a “C” in highlighter by starting at your temple and following your cheekbone down to just above your cheeks.

Define the eyes

9. Enhance your eyebrows. Brush them up and then to the side so they’re even and neat. Fill in the gaps with a pencil using small strokes that follow the direction of hair growth. Stay light in the centre (near your nose) and get darker towards the end of your brows.

10. Eyeshadow. Use a single colour. Peachy champagne or rose gold colours are great. Trace the socket and colour the eyeball area only – don’t go too high. Blend well!

11. Eyelashes. Curl your lashes and then apply mascara using a zig-zag motion. Brown eye pencil is best. Apply it on the inner eye only to stay natural.

Line the lips

12. Lips. Tinted lip glosses are perfect and they’ll help keep your lips hydrated. Choose a tint close to your natural lip colour.

Emmanuel F Teen make up 2

Jade’s tips

Choosing the right foundation: Colour-check on your jawline, not your hand. Your face should be the same colour as your neck.

Brush guidelines: Use a firm brush to apply product and a fluffy brush to blend. Wash brushes regularly and dry them by lying them down horizontally. Treat your big powder brushes like your own hair and give them a condition every now and then.

Colour tip: Know what best suits your features; teens never need too much.

Other things to aim for:

  • Less is more
  • Have clean skin before you start
  • Know your skin type and skin tone
  • Remove your makeup before you go to bed

What to avoid:

  • Going too dark on the bronzer
  • Not blending everything nicely
  • Applying too much foundation

If you think your teen would benefit from a teen makeup lesson with a professional makeup artist, contact the Emmanuel F team. UG/F, The Pemberton, 22-26 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan. 2167 8280 |


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