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There is so much information available these days about all aspects of parenting – it can be a little overwhelming. So, imagine having access to a whole bunch of professionals and experts, all under one roof, at the same time? After the success of its Maternity Conference last October, the team from AD MediLink is excited to announce the line-up for for a Pediatrics & Parenting Conference to be held on 22 April. Here’s the lowdown.

Parenting can be overwhelming
Making the right choices as a parent can be overwhelming


AD MediLink is a consulting firm in Hong Kong that provides healthcare and medical insurance advisory services. It also organises healthcare-focused events for the general public, including 2016’s Maternity Conference, which saw 400 people visit 26 exhibitors, listen to 23 expert speakers over 13 sessions, and receive 200 gift sets containing useful information. The upcoming Pediatrics & Parenting Conference will feature a number of organisations, including clinics, private hospitals, nanny and helper agencies, parenting services providers, food and supplements providers, and baby and children’s retailers. Sounds great, right?


The Pediatrics & Parenting Conference is a one-day, admission-free event open to the general public. As well as the exhibitors that will be there on the day, a number of experts will be presenting information on topics such as key milestones from birth to adolescence, children’s health (allergies, complementary medicines, nutrition, vaccines), emotional issues – from navigating life with a helper to understanding teenagers – and practical information on health care in HK and health insurance. It brings together experts in paediatrics and parenting, healthcare institutions, practitioners and organisations to showcase their services, and inform and educate parents with children of all ages on issues related to parenting, children’s health and wellness. Some of Hong Kong’s favourite and best-known professionals will be present, so it’s sure to be an informative and interesting day all round.


We all know how stressful it is for parents when they are confronted with medical or parenting issues. Rather than spending hours looking online and relying on information that can be incomplete or biased, AD MediLink brings you a one-stop forum so you can ask questions and get all the information you need from real experts and the providers themselves.


Saturday, 22 April from 9.30am to 4.30pm.


JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong 1 Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty. For more information, visit


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