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Dad’s ultimate wish list: 8 Father’s Day gifts for men to appeal to adventurous patriarchs

Forget about the obligatory tie. We’ve scoured the web and rounded up the best in ultimate diving, soaring, off-roading, and other wish list picks for dad. Shopping for the man who has everything just got easier with our 8 picks for most extravagant Father’s Day gifts.

Jetpack, anyone?

The Hydro Powered Jetovator
Kit dad out with this jetpack attached to a 40-foot hose, propelling him up to 25 miles per hour. If he’s skilled enough, he’ll tackle backflips, barrel rolls, corkscrews, and even 10 feet dives underwater. Price: $7,000 USD.

Kuratas, your custom-made giant robot
We’re not even sure if this is real, but it appears to be the first giant-boarding robot, weighing in at 4500 kg and standing 4 meters tall. This massive robot can be operated remotely via 3G network, and can clock speeds up to 10km per hour with its diesel engine. “Weapons” include the LOHAS launcher, an eco-friendly water gun, and a super-powered BB gun. Just when it seemed ridiculous enough, Kuratas’ “smile shot” technology enables the launch of BBs when the pilot, um, smiles. Price: Just under 2 mil Euro.

Tell your Dad to go fly a kite

The “Cutie” Kite
Dad’s a stunt flyer, and you aim to please. Go Fly Kite’s remote controlled “Cutie” Kite is made-to-order, and is equipped with brushless motor to propel its funky-lit wings across wide spaces. The package offers a 2-part training course if you’re lucky enough to train in Singapore. Price: from $2035 HKD.

Go down under in your own personal yellow submarine!

The Personal Submarine
Go down under with your own personal submarine! This two-person submersible can descend to a depth of 1,000 feet, with a maximum speed of three knots. Purchase includes comprehensive training. Price: $2mil USD.

Not your ordinary hovercraft

The Flying Hovercraft
This is some kind of awesome – a 130 horsepower twin-cylinder, turbocharged and fuel-injected hovercraft that reaches speeds of 70 mph. Not only does it achieve higher inclines than average hovercrafts, this baby is enabled to glide over desert, ice, snow, sand, mud, and can hop over obstacles up to 20 feet high. Egads! Price: $190k USD.

Feel like Jonah in the belly of this high-speed whale powerboat

Killer whale Boat – The Seabreacher Y
A boat that mimics a killer whale? Why not. Similar in size and weight to a real orca, The two-seater Seabreacher Y comes with a whale of a 260 horsepower engine. Front and rear LCD screens display live video from a snorkel-mounted camera, so dad doesn’t even have to leave the comfort of the helm. Cooler still? The functioning blowhole gives dad the feeling of Jonah all day long. Price: upon request, dependent on customisation options.

The sky highs of flying into Kowloon’s Kai Tak Airport await

Flight Experience Hong Kong Simulator
Aim high, dad! For those of us who can’t even imagine what it was like to fly into Kowloon Bay’s notorious Kai Tak Airport, the good guys at Flight Experience Hong Kong have replicated the experience. Dad pilots the Boeing 737-800 into the final descent into Kai Tak with 180 degree sight and sound visuals, making him feel like the boss that he is. Price: from $1290 HKD.

The Skier Controlled Tow Boat
Perfect for those junk trips when dad wants to water ski but you can’t be bothered to put your drink down long enough. The Skier Controlled Tow Boat comes with a 40 foot long tow rope, all powered by the skier, and can reach speeds up to 40 miles per hour, all at the flick of a thumb. Price: $17k USD.