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Bridal wedding makeup: How to achieve the perfect style on your wedding day

The dress is a huge decision, but your makeup for your wedding day is also important. Makeup expert Kelly Bilimoria from Paparazzi Black talks us through achieving your perfect bridal look.

Makeup by Kelly Bilimoria

The summer wedding season is now in full swing and all brides-to-be are dreaming of that picture-perfect look for their special day. But do you do your own makeup or call in the professionals? If you choose to do it yourself, here are my top tips:
Accentuate your eyes or your lips, but not both at once: If you pick a bolder or brighter lip colour, keep your eyes relatively light.
Opt for waterproof and sweat-proof: Make sure you use waterproof mascara and eyeliner; this will allow you to have your “moments” without the worry of ruining your makeup. Use a mattifying cream before applying your foundation, or spritz on a setting spray once your look is complete to keep your makeup fresh all day.
Define your brows: After getting the perfect tweeze or wax, make sure your eyebrows don’t get lost under the foundation and with the photography flash.  Lightly fill them with a pencil; even if you’re wearing minimal makeup, they contribute tremendously to the polished final look.
Exaggerate colour: Remember that the camera drains colour from your face (especially if you’re wearing white!), so pick a lip or eye colour one or two shades brighter than you’d usually wear.
Keep a touch-up kit on standby: Have a bridesmaid or a friend carry your lipstick, a highlighter and mattifying powder or spray.

Though most opt for the “natural look” on their wedding day, it’s really one of the hardest looks to create, since it has to perfectly accentuate your features. For that reason, hiring a professional makeup artist is more often than not your ticket to looking and feeling your best.
Makeup artists are trained not only to find colours that suit you, but to recreate a look that complements your dress, too. If your dress is romantic, for example, they may opt for a softer look. They should also understand how different factors such as climate and lighting will affect your final look.

I advise expat brides in Singapore to try makeup artists outside of photography studios and hair salons. Avoid wedding-day disaster by hiring someone fully trained in application for Western skin types. Remember to also book in for a trial, so you can make a well-informed decision.

In Singapore, there’s a cultural difference with how brides like to look on their wedding day. Make sure that the person you’ve chosen understands your needs and desires and can perform them.
What’s included in my package?
Check if it includes everything from primer, hydration and mattifying creams to false eyelashes.

Do you require a deposit or a contract?
If the makeup artist or company is professional, this will be a standard procedure. Deposits in Singapore can be minimal or up to 50 percent.

Who will be doing my makeup?
It’s highly possible that your makeup on the day will be done by someone different from your trial, especially if you book through a studios or a hair salon. Make sure you lock in the same person who did your trial makeup.

How many events will my makeup artist be doing on my wedding day?
Most artists will work with a number of brides, so make sure that you are top priority and that another wedding won’t interfere with yours.