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How does body sculpting actually work?

By: Melissa Stevens

You watch what you eat, your exercise regularly, but it seems nothing is shifting those stubborn kilos? Might body sculpting be the answer? We put it to the test.

Being zipped into a black, full-body rubber suit is certainly not your typical start to a fitness session. But Hypoxi is not your typical fitness studio! The Hypoxi method aims to stimulate blood circulation in “problem areas”, such as the stomach and thighs, based on the idea that fat burns more readily when there’s better blood supply. This is done by vacuum and compression technology while you engage in moderate exercise on Hypoxi devices.

Hypoxi Hong Kong

My session starts with me being zipped into what’s known as a dermology suit. I then lie down on a bed where a staff member connects tubes to the suit and a vacuum removes excess air to increase circulation in the thigh and stomach area. The process creates a sensation of being gently massaged for about 20 minutes. It’s actually quite enjoyable – I read while the machine works its magic!

It’s then on to part two of the session. I climb into the S120 Trainer machine and spend 30 minutes cycling, wearing a partial compression suit while I get my heart rate to about 120 beats per minute. This is more challenging than the first part of the session, but overall not too taxing.

The Hypoxi team recommends at least six sessions to achieve results. Based on my trial session, I’d be more than happy to suit up again!


Unhealthy in Hong Kong?

More than half of Hong Kong’s population is overweight, according to government research.

The findings are a result of a survey of more than 12,000 people, aged between 15 and 84 years, and carried out over a three-year time frame. It showed that diets include too much salt, and not enough fruit and vegetables. (Only 5.6 per cent of respondents consumed the World Health Organisation recommendation of at least five servings a day.)

The Hong Kong lifestyle of long working hours and not enough exercise was partly to blame for the rise in obesity – and the city’s love of buffet-style dining was also seen to be a contributing factor!

Hypoxi Hong Kong

The Hypoxi Story

Hypoxi was founded in 1998 by Austrian sports scientist Dr Norbert Egger, who decided to research why people struggled to reduce fat in certain parts of the body, even when dieting and exercising. His research concluded that fat burns better in areas of the body with better bloody supply. He created the Hypoxi method to increase blood circulation to “problem” areas, such as the stomach and thighs, through vacuum and compression therapy, to enable targeted fat loss.

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