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5 meat-free meal ideas to try

So many people in Hong Kong are trying to reduce their meat consumption by eating more meat-free meals. You can read more about the rise of flexitarianism in our city here. We’ve also listed and reviewed many of those restaurants offering green menus or joining Hong Kong’s Green Monday initiative. And, for those who like to cook at home, here are five great meat-free recipe ideas!

#1 Protein packed tabouleh

Looking to boost your protein intake while you reduce your meat consumption? We have you covered: this tabouleh recipe ticks both those boxes. It’s great for lunch or as a side dish for dinners and barbecues. See the tabouleh recipe here.

recipes: This tabouleh is healthy and simple to make
Tabouleh is a delicious protein fix

#2 Healthy veggie mac and cheese

Mac and cheese is the type of dinner that makes everyone feel good, no matter how old you are. This is real comfort food, but ours comes with a hidden veggie twist (even veggie haters won’t notice). Everyone will devour this meat-free meal. See the veggie mac and cheese recipe here.

Veggie mac and cheese
Comfort food, with hidden veggies … shhhh!

#3 Origami rolls with sesame lemon rice

Rolling your own sushi rolls is easy with a sushi mat and it’s really fun once you get the hang of it. This recipe is from  Tracy Griffith who was the first woman to graduate from the California Sushi Academy. She went on to open two reputable restaurants, Tsunami’s in Beverly Hills and Rika’s on Sunset. Don’t be put off by her professional credentials though, it’s very doable. See the origami rolls with sesame lemon rice recipe here.

Recipe, mini origami rolls, sesame lemon rice, Hong Kong#4 Paleo sweet potato salad

This sweet potato salad is quick to pull together and is perfect for those on a paleo diet. It’s tasty but basic, making it family-friendly and a good choice for entertaining. See the paleo sweet potato salad recipe here, along with a few other raw and meat-free recipes.

bm-recipes-potatosalad-1#5 Sugar-free berry dream cake

No matter if your main meal is veggie or meat based, there should always be room for dessert! This delicious berry dream cake is a nice options for those wanting to reduce their sugar intake while still entertaining. See the berry dream cake recipe here.

Berry Cake
Tempting and guilt-free

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