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Restaurant review: Duck & Waffle

A confit duck leg on buttermilk waffle, with a fried duck egg and mustard maple syrup. Wow. The combination alone is enough to whet our appetite and pique our interest in this new opening. Add the name Duck & Waffle to that equation and you can see why the city’s foodies were hyped to try this one.

Duck & Waffle is a famous London restaurant with sweeping 40th-storey views of that city. You probably recognise the name if you’ve read a list of “London restaurants with a view”. It also never sleeps: it’s open 24/7 and is a place that both Londoners and tourists frequent.

Duck & Waffle Shop inside

Here in Hong Kong, our branch of the resto has opened on the first floor of IFC Mall in Central. It’s not a round-the-clock experience like in London, but as part of a British-inspired menu it does serve up the famous namesake dish I mentioned in the opening line. Which is perfect, because that’s the dish my group was all interested in trying.

We went for a weekday brunch (Monday, 10am); at this time, the restaurant was partially full and welcomingly calm. It’s a nice time to go – from all accounts, it gets quite busy in the evenings.

Bring your appetite, because these are hearty meals with a masculine edge, served, fittingly, on British stoneware. The classic Duck & Waffle dish was, predictably, a delight. I teetered between this and the caramelised banana waffles and had instant order remorse once the waitress walked away. I must admit, by the time I finished brunch I was very glad I ordered the signature dish. It was the perfect end to my busy morning – I’d started at 5am and been so busy I hadn’t had time for breakfast. I recommend breaking your fast with this one; the waffle was crunchy on the edges and fluffy in the centre, and the duck meat was tender with a nicely crisp skin.

Duck & Waffle Shop

We also tried the Colombian Eggs, a combination of three (sizeable) bites – scrambled eggs with spring onions and tomatoes; sourdough with a generous serving of smashed avocado; and chorizo, which was an optional addition to this dish. The chorizo was salty and delicious – highly recommended.

Why you’ll love it: If you’re looking for some warming comfort food during these cooler months, this is the place to come. We went savoury, but the sweet options looked amazing. Also, the coffee is great and you can grab a takeaway if you’re busy.

A perfect spot for: Business meetings and anyone with a big appetite.

Duck & Waffle Shop
1081, IFC Mall, 8 Finance Street, Central
2267 6338 | duckandwaffle.com.hk


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