Elf on the Shelf: Hong Kong ideas

By: Rebecca Simpson

It’s December, and for many of us, that means we need Elf on the Shelf ideas. Every. Single. Night! If your Elf is new to Hong Kong (or even been here a while), we have some fun Hong Kong-themed Elf on the Shelf ideas for you. Merry Christmas and happy Elfing!

Elf on the shelf Christmas ideas
Quick! It’s time to write your Christmas cards.

Christmas cards

Living away from home, we need to be organised and send our Christmas cards early. Enlist the help of your Elf and set him or her up with some Hong Kong-themed cards, air mail stickers and stamps. This should get the kids excited about creating Christmas cards for friends and family back home.

Elf on the shelf in Hong Kong
This naughty Elf has stolen someone’s Octopus card… maybe she had a late-night ding-ding ride?

Octopus stealer!

Are Santa’s Elves classified as kids for public transport in Hong Kong? This naughty Elf seems to think so. She’s stolen someone’s Octopus card and taken a ride on the Star Ferry and a ding-ding tram… she’s been busy!

Elf hiking
Need to get the kids moving? This Elf knows all the good hikes.

Hiking Elf

Active kids get extra points on Santa’s good list, that’s for sure. It’s the perfect time of year to get out for a family hike because the weather is so beautiful. This clever Elf was googling family-friendly hikes and came across our story. How handy! Check out our list of great family hikes in this link.

Elf on the Shelf dim sum
Dim sum, anyone? This Elf on the Shelf took her friends for dim sum last night.

Dim sum party

In Hong Kong, we’re more likely to go for dim sum than tea. This Elf on the Shelf has treated her friends to some late-night dim sum. I think there’s some cha siu bao in there and it looks delicious!

Elf on the shelf in Hong Kong
Our Elf has been busy helping stick this week’s Wellcome stamps

Wellcome stamp stickers

We’ve bought a lot of groceries in the lead up to Christmas. That means lots of Wellcome stamps need sticking onto the redemption sheet. Our Elf has been very helpful sticking our stamps for us while we all sleep.

She’s bypassed the fruit bowl and raided our bakery stash!

Bakery treats

This Elf seems to have a sweet tooth, what do you think? She’s bypassed the fruit bowl and gone straight for our stash of sweet treats from the bakery down the road. That’s terrible!

We used fun and affordable Hong Kong-themed trinkets from The Lion Rock Press in some of these photos. See the new Christmas range at thelionrockpress.com.

There are always so many things to do in Hong Kong! 
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