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Where to buy Christmas trees

The festive season is just around the corner, and aside from looking forward to all that gifting and feasting, why not add some seasonal cheer to your home with a beautiful Christmas tree? Check out these places for finding live and artificial trees of all kinds.

A Real Christmas Tree: As fresh as it gets!

Love the smell of fresh pine? Here are some spots where you can pick up a live Christmas tree.

  • Xmas Tree Online: This is a one-stop-shop for buying, delivery and removal (super important!) of your real Christmas tree. Xmas Tree Online also offer accessories like wreaths and tree stands.
  • Anglo Chinese Florist: Trees, wreaths, accessories, gifts and arrangements – there’s loads to choose from if you’re looking to get into the festive spirit. Red poinsettias, the red potted plants you can see all over the city, can be purchased here too.
  • Chun Hing Garden: The trees on offer from Chin Hing Garden are sourced from the USA. This company also sells red poinsettias and table settings using fresh cuttings.
  • Gift Flowers HK: Live Christmas trees from Gift Flowers HK come in three sizes with free delivery.
  • Van der Bloom: Don’t have room for a full tree? A Van der Bloom wreath or table setting might bring some Christmas cheer to your small space.
  • Sophie’s Christmas Trees: Choose from three different types of tree in varying sizes. This website has clear delivery dates for each region of Hong Kong.

Artificial trees: Fake but fab!

No need to worry about sweeping up pine needles or branches with an artificial Christmas tree. These handy numbers are easy to stow away and can be set up for many Christmases to come!

Christmas tree

  • IKEA: Oh, IKEA, what would we do without you! It has everything you need for a quick and efficient Christmas set-up.
  • DaSilva’s Creations: This is a handy option for pre-decorated trees and wreaths.
  • Supermarkets: Try your local CitySuper and large supermarket for trees and decorations.

Merry Christmas and happy decorating from us all at Expat Living Hong Kong!

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