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3 ways to get the best shopping deals on Black Friday

It’s Black Friday on 23 November and, as the day approaches, you can expect the prices of numerous goods and products to take a nosedive in Hong Kong stores. The Black Friday shopping craze originated in America and takes place the day after Thanksgiving. So, what steps are you going to take to make the most of the sales? Here are some tips you might find useful:

Make a list of the items you want

Before you start to look around, make a list that will help you focus on the products you’re really keen to buy. You might be looking for some apparel, electronics, beauty products or gifts for your loved ones, for example, especially with Christmas just around the corner. Then you can compare the prices and wait to find the relevant Black Friday discounts and promo codes to grab the offer at the lowest price. Products can be discounted by as much as 90% during the Black Friday sales, though it’s advisable to double-check the prices on particular items before the sale to make sure you’re grabbing a real bargain.

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Save time, money and your nerves by shopping online

If you can’t stand the idea of waiting in long queues – or you don’t want to risk getting trampled! – simply go online instead. You’ll find plenty of your favourite shops offering discounts for the Black Friday sales. While sitting comfortably on your sofa and avoiding the hustle and bustle of the city, you might even discover discount codes and offers that are available solely online – which means you’ll save more without going out. Websites like Black Friday Global have lists of all the discount codes, vouchers and flash sales available, and also provide facts and figures relating to the Black Friday phenomenon.

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Buy more and spend less

Another way to save even more during Black Friday sales is to buy more than one product. Whether you’re shopping online or in bricks-and-mortar shops, keep an eye out for offers: you might see a two-for-one deal, for example, or something like ‘buy three and get 15% off’ or ‘spend HK$500 on a given brand and save 20%’. These discounts apply mostly to apparel and electronic devices – research suggests that the average Hongkonger spends over HK$825 during Black Friday sales on clothes, electronics and shoes – however, investing in health products will definitely pay off as well, with amazing discounts found on iHerb, for example.

Grab a sneak peek at some of the Black Friday deals at picodi.com.

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