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What to watch (or not!) – recommended

Wondering what to watch next on Netflix? Our readers and EL staff have been viewing, listening and downloading like crazy to bring you the series and podcasts not be missed – and the ones to avoid!

What/If (SEASON 1)

Okay, so the first thing you will notice is that Renée Zellweger has had work done. A lot of work. But once you accept that Bridget Jones has disappeared forever, she is actually terrific in this series. She is calculating, clever and terrifying.

Zellweger plays Anne Montgomery, a wealthy venture capitalist with a dark past. She sets her sights on young couple Lisa and Sean Ruiz, and uses manipulative tactics, intimidation and money to get what she wants. It’s a bit raunchy at times and the twists and turns will have you saying “I didn’t see that coming” during every episode. The haunting subplots and the brilliantly cold performance of Zellweger will have you binge-watching the 10 episodes over a few days!  – Kel Flanders


Dead To Me, SEASON 1

I’ve loved Christina Applegate ever since Married with Children. I’d watch anything with her in it! She always manages to leave me in stitches – and that’s all you need after a long day at the office and the kid is finally tucked into bed! This dark comedy will just keep you coming back for more. In my case, it meant hiding under the covers, earphones in, watching on my phone! The show tells of a recently widowed Jen, a hothead real estate agent who finds comfort and friendship in Judy through a series of twisted events. Nothing is what it seems in the lives of Jen and Judy, which just keeps you binge-watching until the end!

– Melissa Leelarthaepin, reader

Dead to Me

The Kindness Diaries, SEASONS 1 & 2

If you’re looking for something that’s good for the soul, then you need to watch The Kindness Diaries! There are two series of the show, in which global adventurer Leon Logothetis travels around the world either by motorbike or in an old yellow beetle, with no money or food of his own, aiming to get by solely on the kindness of others. The individuals he meets along the way show that there really are good people still out there! When he then surprises those who gave so much and yet had so little by giving something back to them, you might want to get the tissues ready!

– Jennie Ward, reader

The kindness Diaries

Formula 1: Drive to Survive, SEASON 1

This Netflix original is a behind-the-scenes look at how some of the teams and drivers approach the season and how tough and cutthroat Formula 1 really is. My wife and I watched all 10 episodes in just two nights! We were engrossed with getting to know the real personalities of the drivers, and we’re enjoying watching the races this year even more now we know what it actually takes to get on track and drive one of those machines.

– Michael Flanders, reader

Beat Bugs, seasons 1 to 3 (Suitable for all ages)

“Our kids, who are nearly five and three, have been obsessed with Beat Bugs for a little while now. Yes, it’s a cartoon, but you will love it too. Each episode follows the adventures of a group of cheerful garden animals and features a different song by The Beatles. The characters are endearing and there is always a lovely message or life lesson given. We love listening to the girls wandering around the house absentmindedly singing The Beatles, because, after all, all you really do need is love.”– Kel Flanders, EL Editor and parent to Avery and Alexia

Beat bugs

Brainchild (For ages 3 and up)

I really love this series. It’s funny and I always feel like I’ve learnt something. I like that it is made for children but covers some topics that not even Mum and Dad can answer for me! – Ashley (age 10)

Blue Planet II (Suitable for all ages)

This BBC series combines amazing cinematography with captivating insights into the animal world beneath the waves. Each episode shows a different aspect of ocean life, ranging from the biggest animal of all, the blue whale, to the smallest of all sea creatures. I found the episode about deep-sea animals the most fascinating but highly recommend the whole series. With the incredible voice talents of narrator David Attenborough complementing the already spectacular programme, this documentary is definitely worth watching. – Nikita (age 13)

Blue Planet

Ask the Storybots, Seasons 1 & 2 (For ages 3 and up)

Any series that is educational, engaging and guest-stars Snoop Dogg and a host of other Hollywood names is always going to be popular in my house! It tackles those annoying – I mean wonderful – questions that children ask, like “Why do I have to brush my teeth?”, “How do computers work?” and “What is electricity?” It’s easy to watch, using animation and real life. Each programme lasts just over 20 minutes and will keep the kids’ attention the whole time. – Justine Milard, reader and parent to Lucy and James

Ask the story bots

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