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Weekend brunch at Hutong hits the right note

By: Melissa Stevens

With a reputation as one of Hong Kong’s best Chinese restaurants, the award-winning Hutong has that dynamite combination of fantastic food, a fabulous fit-out and a sweeping vista over Victoria Harbour.

Siu mai with scallop and crab roe at Hutong
Siu mai with scallop and crab roe at Hutong

For the uninitiated, Hutong specialises in Northern Chinese cuisine. It takes its name from the traditional courtyard residences of old Beijing, which is the inspiration for the stunning décor of stone floors, and antique-style wooden Chinese furniture, birdcages and lanterns.

The reason for our recent visit was to sample the menu for the weekend Feng Wei brunch (HK$428 per person, or add $200 for champagne and cocktails). Settled in to soak in the view, glass of champagne in hand, we were already feeling pretty spoilt when the appetisers arrived.

Hutong: Sliced squid with wasabi was a favourite dish
Sliced squid with wasabi was a favourite dish

Chicken in glass noodles marinated in Sichuan chilli sauce, seared foie gras with osmanthus smoked coddled egg, and my personal favourite, sliced squid with freshly grated wasabi, left us in no doubt we were in a world-class restaurant. Next up from the 18-dish brunch menu was a dim sum selection, including decadent poached Boston lobster wontons and steamed siu mai topped with scallop and crab roe.

At this point we took a break from eating to enjoy the cultural highlight of the Feng Wei brunch, a live classic Chinese performance. On the day of our visit it was a Sichuan face-changing act that had diners mesmerised.

Hutong: Dessert did not disappoint!
Dessert did not disappoint!

Brunch continued with five substantial hot dishes, including red lantern crispy shell soft crab served in an old-style Chinese gift basket, before being nicely rounded off with Chinese-style desserts – and even some homemade ice cream.


28/F, One Peking, 1 Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

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