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Lucy Jackson is the co-founder and director of bespoke travel planner agency Lightfoot Travel. She chats about the benefits of using a travel planner, what Lightfoot offers and the latest travel hotspots.

Travel planner: Lightfoot Travel's co-founder and director Lucy Jackson with her baby
Lightfoot Travel’s co-founder and director Lucy Jackson with her baby

How long have you lived in Hong Kong?

Though I’m from the UK originally, I have a historic connection to the city; my great-great-grandfather was Chairman of HSBC here in the late 1800s. In 2010, I took the opportunity to launch the development of Lightfoot Travel’s second office in Hong Kong and I haven’t looked back since!

Give us an idea of the scope of destinations and experiences that Lightfoot offers.

We offer everything from simple beach holidays to nearby destinations such as Phuket and Bali to African safaris, and complex, multi-country tours around South America.

Why use a travel planner when there’s so much online info at our fingertips?

The fact that there is so much info online is often the issue – sifting through blogs and TripAdvisor can be draining and time consuming. Lightfoot makes this process a lot more efficient. You can still come armed with ideas, but you’ll be speaking to destination specialists who’ve tried and tested the experiences and properties you’re considering. Every itinerary is tailor-made from scratch and personalised to your individual requirements, saving you an incredible amount of time.

travel planner: Family holidays in Mongolia
Mongolia is about as different as you can get from Hong Kong!

What are some upcoming hotspots in Asia or beyond?

Mongolia and Tibet, for sure. Mongolia has the vast wilderness and culture untouched by the West. Tibet is rapidly changing, making it even more imperative to visit now if you want to catch its authenticity.

What’s been your favourite personal travel moment of the past year or so?

I’ve loved travelling with my new baby boy. Watching his responses to new elements in his environment has been fascinating, from floating in the Andaman Sea to riding in a tuk-tuk (apparently, a good place for napping!).

Lightfoot Travel specialises in bespoke holidays to destinations spanning all seven continents. To speak to a destination specialist, call 2815 0068 or visit

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