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By: Rebecca Simpson

Japan is in the hot seat for the 2019 Rugby World Cup, happening until 2 November. If you got lucky with tickets, it’s time to start planning! Game venues in southern Japan – like Kumamoto Stadium and Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium – are teeming with side trips. We’ve pulled together some of the region’s must-do sites for you.

Stunning Sengan-en Garden

If you’re flying into Kagoshima airport, your first stop has to be Sengan-en Gardens. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that boasts an active volcano, Sakurajima, as its backdrop. It’s beyond beautiful. If you’re a Japanese film or TV buff, you’ll likely recognise it. The sprawling, manicured garden offers endless photo opps, plus a museum to teach you all about what makes this area of Japan so unique.

Kagoshima is famous for Chiran Green Tea so don’t pass up the chance to taste a some of the local delights on Sengan-en Garden’s tea-and-sweet matching menu. We recommend the hand-stirred matcha.


Sengan-en Gardens is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Breath-taking Takachiho Gorge

This one’s for the lovers. We instagrammed about this spot as a great place for the perfect proposal because it’s so romantic. If you’re planning on popping the question in between games, or know someone who needs some inspiration, this could be the perfect place.

Takachiho Gorge is nothing short of a picture-perfect experience. It’s the antithesis of a rugby match – take a gentle meander that ends with a lazy row to a waterfall in an old-style rowboat. The gentile, romantic experience is framed between Takachiho’s dramatic walls and an idyllic bridge.


Putting a ring on it? Takachiho Gorge is the perfect proposal place

Tasty Delights and Cellar Doors

Southern Japan is non-stop gourmet delights. If you’re on a driving holiday, this region offers a lot of ‘cellar door’-type gastronomic experiences. You can explore vinegar farms, wineries, shochu distilleries, and more.

Each one offers a tour of the facility so you can better understand the craftsmanship before dining with a menu inspired by the facility’s signature products. Two of our favourites were Kirishima Shochu distillery and the Kakuida Black Vinegar village.

If you’re looking for something a little more varied, try Kagomma Furusato Yataimura. This windy alleyway in Kagoshima is full of small restaurants, each offering a different spin on regional ingredients. Stop and explore tasty bites at each new outlet, or take a seat and work your way through the menu while you make friends with the chef. This place is a food photographer’s heaven.



This smiling face will serve up mouthwatering bites in Kagomma Furusato Yataimura


Southern Japan is an important place to visit shrines because the Kyushu area is the place where Shinto gods are said to have first descended to earth. In a case of great timing, one of the best times to visit shrines is around November 15 – perfect if you’re staying to explore after the Rugby World Cup finals. At this time of year, you’ll see many Japanese families in traditional dress with their young children. It’s a beautiful site and a real treat for those who are new to Japanese culture.

Different shrines have a different focus, but one must-visit shrine is the Udo Shine. Go in the morning to capture the sunlight streaming through the cave. At the Kirishina Shrine, you’ll find an 800-year old tree still standing tall – a sight to behold. And Takachiho Shrine is also important; it’s well-positioned close to the Gorge.

Early morning rays at Udo Shrine are mesmerising

Kumamoto Castle

Kumamoto Castle was badly affected by the 2016 earthquake in southern Japan, so the Castle itself isn’t open. However, the surrounding gardens, shrine, and markets are great to explore and provide some brilliant photo opps.

Want to channel your inner warrior or unleash that latent royal heritage? Kumamoto Castle museum has the funnest costume experience and a bunch of great interactive displays that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

There’s also a plethora of amazing food to explore with both restaurants and street food on offer. Make sure you check out Sakuramichi restaurant, and note the striking painting in the foyer.


Kumamoto Castle, like all good castles, offers a fun dress-up service

Bizarre Beauty

Take a break from the rugby to visit a drug store or a beauty retailer in Japan. You’ll find a treasure trove of beauty products you didn’t even know you needed. Racks and racks of face masks, and contraptions to help massage and reposition your face. It’s endless fun and, while you’ll find a lot that could be considered a little left of centre, you might also find something useful!

You’ll notice a lot of hyaluronic acid masks; these are helpful for skin that needs a hydration boost – ideal for travelling.

So graceful – and she probably uses a hyaluronic acid mask!

Dazzling Road Trips

Epic coastal drives; lush forrests to wind through; fabulous farmland, barren Mars-like volcanic panoramas – there’s a new landscape to drink in every single day in the south of Japan. Don’t be afraid to hire a car; road signs on main roads are also in English and tourist hotspots are well marked.

Hot tip: If you’re heading through Miziyaki to the Udo Shrine, make sure you look out for surfers along the drive.

Getting There and Tickets

Both Hong Kong Airlines and Hong Kong Express travel to Kagoshima from Hong Kong regularly. You can also reach the region via domestic flights or Japan’s impressive domestic rail network.

Learn more about the region here: welcomekyushu.com

For all the Rugby World Cup details, check out the official site: rugbyworldcup.com 

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