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Pregnancy fitness tips

Here’s some advice on pregnancy fitness for good health while expecting and also how to help your body recover once your bouncing bub arrives, from instructor Nicole Serje of Flex Studio.

pregnancy fitness: Exercise can help with stress during pregnancy
Exercise can help with stress during pregnancy

What exercise classes are safe to maintain pregnancy fitness?

Pilates classes are ideal during pregnancy – you should preferably enrol in a prenatal class to ensure you’re getting tailored advice. The second trimester is usually when most active women turn to prenatal classes, but you can join one as soon as you like!

What are the benefits to pregnant mums in continuing to work out?

Exercise generally helps with stress, as it releases endorphins – the “happiness hormones”. Furthermore, exercise can alleviate the stiff back and neck that often accompanies later-term pregnancy. Our prenatal Pilates classes teach mums-to-be how to stabilise their bodies safely and effectively, working on strengthening and releasing tension.

How soon should a new mum resume exercise once her baby arrives?

Staying fit and active in pregnancy will help a woman feel stronger after giving birth and, hopefully, bounce back faster. However, when it comes to pregnancy and birth, it’s important to remember that everyone is different, and so you should always get your doctor’s okay before going back to any physical activity.

What is diastasis recti, and what important things do we need to know about it?

Increased tension on the abdominal wall in pregnancy may lead to diastasis recti, in which the two large parallel bands of muscle that meet in the middle of the abdomen separate. It doesn’t hurt, and you may not even be aware that it exists, but it’s important to check, as a separation may lead to increased low back pain, pelvic instability, urinary leakage, or reduced functional strength of the abdominal wall. There are specific exercises that can be prescribed to help mend the separation by strengthening your core and helping to recover those abdominal muscles.

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