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Gorgeous natural bathroom products

Having a family shouldn’t mean surrendering your everyday bathroom luxuries. However, it’s important to know that not all luxury bathroom products are suitable for family use. Products free from parabens, phenoxyethanols, SLES and dimethicones are a good choice. Also, look for bathroom products that use natural fragrances and ingredients. Tea tree, eucalyptus and mandarin are perfect for top-to-toe bathroom care for all ages.

Try these all-natural bathroom products today!

#1 Stress Relief Body Wash from Noelle Australia, HK$135

Natural bathroom products from Noelle Australia: Regenerate Body Wash
#2 Forest Luxury Energy Body Wash from Noelle Australia, HK$135

Natural bathroom products: Noelle Australia Energy Body Lotion Noelle
#3 Marine Luxury Regenerate Hair and Body Wash, HK$150

Natural bathroom products - Noelle Australia Marine luxury hair and body wash#4 Ritual of Karma from Rituals, HK$85

Noelle Australia's natural bathroom products: Ritual of karma showerfoam
#5 Scented Body Lotion from Clarins, HK$225

Clarins Paris lotion

Find out more about Noelle Australia’s range of natural bathroom, skincare and body products at noelleaustralia.com.au.

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