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Don’t stress your pets – let the vet come to you!

If you have a pet that finds vet visits stressful, why not have a mobile vet come to you? Homevet provides veterinary home visits for pets all over Hong Kong, including consultation room services and more. Dr Matthew Murdoch says, “With every patient we see, we always perform a thorough examination and discuss the animal’s health history with you to ensure the best possible care. Home visits ensure that both pet and owner are comfortable and can stay relaxed during the examination.”

Appointments can be booked at a time that suits you, and the house-call can include such services as vaccinations, routine or urgent medical check-ups, advice and travel health certification. Dr Matthew adds, “Hong Kong is a unique and challenging environment for pets, with risks of exposure to tropical diseases like tick fever, and we assume responsibility for letting busy families and professionals know what’s important for their pets.”


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