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The smart way to create your dream home

Imagine a home where you can control temperature, lighting and appliances with ease, whether by the touch of a button, a voice command or automated control from a remote location. Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not. This is the type of comfort and convenience you can enjoy in an intelligent home, thanks to the Internet of Things.

Internet of Things: See the comfort and convenience of an intelligent home at the io.t concept store
See the comfort and convenience of an intelligent home at the io.t concept store

Forget the stereotype that a home with technology is a sterile one, or that style has to be sacrificed to accommodate devices. The Internet of Things (IoT) – a phrase coined in 1999 to describe the various devices, vehicles and appliances in a network that are able to connect and exchange data – can actually help create a warm and inviting atmosphere in a smart home with technology that takes your lifestyle to the next level.

Internet of Things: HKT Premier offers their clients personal service and ongoing support
HKT Premier offers their clients personal service and ongoing after-sales support

See it for yourself

HKT Premier provides totally connected home solutions to suit a variety of needs. It also understands that while a smart home is about a minimum of fuss, people still want personalised service. As result, the team offers a prestige service for every HKT Premier customer, which means you’ll be taken care of by a dedicated relationship account manager, technical consultant and 24/7 customer service support expert.

To get a better understanding of how the Internet of Things can be incorporated into the design of your home in a sophisticated and flexible way, you can visit the io.t by HKT concept store in Elements mall. Here HKT Premier showcases stylish Internet of Things solutions for your home with the iot in Style design series. You will see first-hand how home automation can go hand in hand with technology to bring your home to life.

There are many solutions which can be tailored to suit your home
There are many solutions which can be tailored to suit your home

Solutions to suit you

Automated lighting, shades and air-conditioning, the integration of AV equipment, installation of detection devices and network-enabled household appliances, as well as Electric Vehicle (EV) charging and even connectivity to your office from home are among the many possibilities with the Internet of Things.

These options all combine to enable you to manage your time more efficiently, and make your home more comfortable – plus, they’re energy efficient.

Here are some of the highlights of what HKT Premier can offer:

High-speed internet

Enjoy superfast broadband connectivity of up to 10G, tailored broadband network solutions, and true 4K ultra-high- definition TV streaming.

Full home network Wi-Fi coverage

Have high-speed access to multiple devices throughout your home, staying connected as you move from one spot to the next.

Home automation

Have the convenience and luxury of controlling lighting, shades and temperature to a pre-set ambience and level of comfort, 24/7 home security, and integrated appliance control, whether in or out of the home.

Home entertainment

Choose from a range of quality electronics to create home entertainment with theatre-level quality, a wireless multi-room music system and network-enabled devices.

Home security

Have the peace of mind which can be provided with around-the- clock security from sensors, smoke detectors, water leakage detectors, laser scanners, motion sensors and more.

Home office

Enjoy the benefits of an executive’s home office with a safe and secure extension from your business office with secure broadband connectivity up to 10G, a smart business line, cloud services and applications, HD video conferencing, and even a trading terminal.

Home communications

HKT Premier can help with providing an improved mobile signal, video door phone service, and many other communication solutions to suit your needs

Find out more at hktpremier.com or visit Io.T by HKT at 2001A, Fire Zone, Elements, 1 Austin Road, Kowloon

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