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Handy Hong Kong smartphone apps

Smartphone apps can be a fantastic resource to help you navigate the city if you are new to Hong Kong. Here’s a list of some of our faves.

There are plenty of smartphone apps to help you navigate Hong Kong
There are plenty of smartphone apps to help you navigate Hong Kong

Hong Kong smartphone apps

csl Wi-Fi – There is an abundance of free wi-fi in Hong Kong. This app lets you locate the thousands of csl Wi-Fi hotspots around the city.

Wi-Fi.HK – this app details Wi-Fi HK hotspots in the city where wi-fi is offered free of charge or free for a set time by participating organisations.

MyObservatory – Get location-specific weather information as well as push notification services, useful for typhoon and rainstorm updates.

HK AQHI – This app lists the air quality ratings at various sites around the city, based on the Government’s Environmental Protection Department data.

Hong Kong Immigration Department – This handy app has heaps of information, such visa information and other frequently asked questions.

Toilet Rush – For anyone with small children, this app letting you know where the nearest public toilets are is weirdly useful.

Nemo Cantonese – It’s definitely not the easiest language but this app will help you learn some basic expressions and you can test your accent.

Transport smartphone apps

HkeTRansport – Developed by the HK Transport Department, the app will give you information of how to get where you want to go using public transport, from taxis to ferries.

Citymapper – This is another good app for navigating the city. Enter your destination and it will give you a guide on what public transport to use, as well as a street map for walking.

MTR Mobile – This app details recommended routes, fare information and estimated journey time. It also has info on station exits and you can even buy tickets online.

HKTaxi – This is a basic ride-hailing app where you enter your pickup location and contact number and wait for a driver to contact you.

Hong Kong Taxi Cards – This app provides flash cards with your destination address in Cantonese to show your driver.

CitybusNWFB – Hong Kong has an excellent public bus system, and this app has details of bus routes and timetables.

Book restaurants or beauty appointments through some of the Hong Kong smartphone apps
Book restaurants or beauty appointments through some of the Hong Kong smartphone apps

Lifestyle smartphone apps

BloomMe – This beauty booking app gives you the nearest spas to your location if you need to get a hair cut or treatment, stat. There are also discounts and specials.

Hong Kong Movie – Take the hassle out of finding what movie is on and where with this app which lets you check show times, view seat plans and make bookings.

TrailWatch – Track your hikes in real-time using GPS, as well as share your trails and check out routes used by other users. Created by the WYNG Foundation, it also lets you report unusual incidents on your hikes.

Enjoy Hiking – This convenient app lists hikes according to region and lets you select a route suitable to your interests and physical fitness.

Hong Kong CityWalks – This app contains a series of two-hour neighbourhood walks, perfect for getting acquainted with some of the city’s captivating districts.

Klook – this deals app is particularly useful if you have kids as it can offer discount entry to places like Ocean Park and using it to book means you can also skip the queues.

Groupon – Another app which offers up to 70 percent off at a range of businesses from restaurants to spas.

MeetUp – This networking app can be found in many cities. It’s a great way to find interest groups to make new friends and enjoy a hobby in a new city.

Dining smartphone apps

Beanhunter – There are some seriously good cafes in Hong Kong. But you need to know where to find them and this app will help you hunt them down.

Chope – The Chope app lets you book tables at a resto of your choice and earn Chope dollars.

BistroChat – this new app lets you chat directly with a restaurant to book online.

HK Food Truck – The food truck scheme is being tested at eight locations around Hong Kong. This app lets you know where and when to find them.

Deliveroo/Food Panda – If you don’t feel like heading out, these apps let you order home delivery from a selection of some of the city’s restaurants.

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