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Relocating? There’s an app for that!

Has technology done more to help than harm our society? For anyone staring down the barrel of relocating this summer, the answer would be yes – technology has eased the pain of relocation. (For the rest of us, this is a question to be discussed over a bottle of wine!)

Relocating is enormous. There’s a huge emotional load to carry when you’re moving countries. Ask another expat who has managed a move and they’ll likely tell you the logistics of moving internationally are very time consuming.

In good news, things have changed. Now, technology plays a role in helping expats secure quotes and manage an inventory of belongings. These are two tasks which are traditionally time consuming and a little overwhelming!

You can now get a quote to move via video call

Getting a quote

Gone are the days when you had to take time off work, stay home and wait for a consultant to physically visit your home for a quote. With companies like Crown Relocations, this is now done with a virtual consultation. This service means you can arrange a moving quote from home via your mobile device.

It’s an easy three-step process that even the most technologically challenged among us can master. You simply connect via a live video chat and show your home to the Crown Relocations consultant on the other end of the chat. Walk through your home and show the consultant the items you want to move (using the camera on your phone or laptop), and then within 24 hours they’ll send a proposal for domestic moves, and 72 hours for international moves.

From this video call, the relocation specialist will be able to develop an inventory, identify the fragile and high value items that require additional protection, and accurately assess the volume of goods. The specialist can advise on the rules for transporting pets and dangerous goods if these are relevant. Digital technologies significantly streamline the whole process – from virtual consultations via smartphone to location tracking of your shipment to your new country. You should also establish target dates and request a comprehensive quote.

Keep track of your move online

Managing your belongings

Hurrah: ePacking technology is here – and it’s making packing and knowing what you’ve sent a whole lot easier. The Crown ePacking app uses barcodes and photos to capture an accurate inventory of your belongings. This comprehensive list is emailed to you when packing is completed by the Crown team. This gives you oversight over what has been packed – you’ll know exactly’s what’s in your boxes, so in the madness of a move there’s no second-guessing where anything is.

The best part is that the ePacking app will tell you exactly what is in each box. This is great for unpacking at your new place; you’ll know exactly which room each box should be placed in, and which one to open if you’re looking for something in particular.

An ePacking inventory is also a great way to protect yourself from damages. The images taken by the Crown team who are doing the packing can be used to make a claim on damages in the unlikely event anything is damaged.

A well-supported move shouldn’t end in tears

8 important considerations

The team at Crown Relocations have shared an additional eight important things to consider for relocating:

  1. Culture & Climate – How different is the destination country’s culture and climate to your own?
  2. Quality of Life – How large is the average property, what is the crime rate and do you have access to green spaces?
  3. Work – Do you have in-demand skills, and does your partner need a job?
  4. Legal – What’s the legal process for moving, are you eligible to take up temporary residency of some kind?
  5. Family – Is it a good location for your partner and/or children?
  6. Health – Do you know what health insurance / cover you need?
  7. Finances – Have you a clear understanding of the taxation and financial differences?
  8. Lifestyle – How much recreational time will you have? Will you be able to enjoy doing the things you love?

Once you’ve considered all this, then you’re ready to go!

If you’re looking for a quote to relocate, the team at Crown Relocations can help you. The company doesn’t just insure and transport your belongings across the world; it provides a full range of services before, during and after the move – everything from home and school search, to orientation trips, cultural and language training and much more. You’ll get expert advice from a dedicated move manager who can help you create and deliver your plan, with comprehensive services that support individuals and families moving all over the world.

Special offer: Get a quote today and you’ll save 5% off your move. The promotion runs from 8 April to 15 May inclusive. (Read the T&Cs here.)

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