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Champagne and cheese? Yes, please!

When it comes to sheer indulgence, it’s hard to beat champagne and cheese. Who doesn’t enjoy kicking back with a flute of champers and some fine French fromage? This year’s Le French GourMay food and wine festival is featuring the renowned Champagne region in France.

Champagne and cheese make a decadent pairing
Champagne and cheese make a decadent pairing

The festival is showcasing the breadth and extent of the produce from the region with workshops and masterclasses advising on how to get the best from a glass of bubbles, ensuring we can all make the most of the region’s fare.

While red wine and cheese is a common pairing, experts will tell you that champagne is actually an excellent accompaniment to cheese, with the bubbles bringing out the best in the flavour.

So, what goes with what when it comes to pairing some sparkling and cheese? There are definitely some specific ways to make the most of the flavours of both, as well as impress your guests with your sophisticated palate.

A basic starting point to remember is that the stronger the cheese, the heavier the drop should be.

champagne and cheese: The stronger the cheese, the heavier the champagne should be
The stronger the cheese, the heavier the champagne should be
  • If you like a crisp, fruity Extra Brut or Brut champagne, then it’s recommended you pair it with a creamy brie. This cheese can be heavy and a crisp glass can cut through quite nicely.
  • Prefer rich and intensely flavoured blue cheeses? Sweet champagne goes really well with these, as it provides a contrast to balance out the flavour. A rosé can be a good palate cleanser for a blue.
  • If you’re a fan of a Parmigiano-Reggiano, pair it with a bold, vintage drop. Vintage champagnes are blended from wines only produced in the same year.
  • Goat’s cheese may not float everyone’s boat but, if you do enjoy it, then you should pair it with a well-aged reserve that has a robust flavour and long-lasting taste.

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