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3 great ways to get “beach-ready”

The good news is that spring is just around the corner and it’s time to put the winter woollies away for another year.  The bad news, however, is that the cold months can really take a toll on our bodies – from dry, cracking skin to painful stiff joints. If you’re in need of some serious TLC to get your body moving again and ready to don a bikini, we’ve come to the rescue! Read on for three great ways to get your body back to health and beach-ready in no time!

Free your feet

If you’ve been snuggled up on the lounge and covered head to toe since summer ended, it’s time to free your feet. Before you take your toes out on the town, though, they’ll likely need some lovin’! Devotees of great pedicures will be delighted to hear that the iPedicure is now available in Hong Kong. The procedure originated in Germany and has become popular in Eastern Europe in recent years.

Perfect body pedicure

This foot and nail treatment is performed by a trained specialist using a machine that gently files away tough skin to deliver baby-soft feet for up to three months. It’s also a great way to fight off a range of feet-related challenges like cracked heels and athlete’s foot. Cleanliness enthusiasts will be glad to hear that the team at My Perfect Body – the exclusive distributor and training centre for iPedicure in the city – assures us the treatment is a more hygienic and cleaner process than a regular pedicure.

So, walk yourself down to My Perfect Body and treat your feet to the latest and greatest in pedicures.

My Perfect Body
3/F, 16 Wyndham Street, Central
2561 7272 | mypb.com.hk

Lose the fuzz

Ever noticed how Hong Kong’s change of season sneaks up on us? One day we’re all whining about a lack of central heating and the next we’re firing up our air-conditioners. Swimsuit season is looming and that means having a little more skin on display. If the thought of swimwear sends you reeling, it might be time to book an appointment with Dolma, an expert in waxing.

Dolma has over 20 years of experience waxing clients and getting the city’s skin ready for the warmer months. She prides herself on offering a hygienic and (relatively) pain-free wax, with a specialty in Brazilian waxing and eyebrow threading. We asked Dolma to share two tips for summer-ready hair removal.

Dolma Waxing Boutique

1. Timing is everything.

“Wax two to three days before a junk trip. Don’t swim in open or chlorinated water, or and don’t expose yourself to the sun for at least 24 to 48 hours after waxing.”

2. Managing the bumps

“Usually, the tiny red bumps that can appear after waxing go away in a few days. Keep the area clean, apply a cool compress, wear loose clothing, and be sure not to pick or squeeze the bumps!”

Dolma Waxing Boutique
1508 Takshing House, 20 Des Voeux Road, Central.
6348 4452 | brazilianwaxing.com.hk

Get active

Cold months aren’t kind to pain sufferers, but getting active can bring relief. Joseph Halstead from OptionsPilates Studio shares some advice.

Should I exercise if I’m in pain?

We help a lot of chronic pain sufferers and people with injuries – we’re very used to working with those facing health challenges. Our reformer machines are designed to help people with limited movement. If you’re coming out of an injury or suffering from pain due to a misalignment, the Pilates reformer can aid recovery.

Of course, this doesn’t apply if you’re in pain because of a serious current trauma – you should always consult your doctor first.

Option Pilates

I’ve not tried Pilates before; is it difficult?

Modern Pilates adapts to meet your needs, so it’s perfect for beginners and those facing challenges. As your recovery changes or your fitness level increases, your workout will evolve.

What if I’m too embarrassed to come in?

Come and try a private class, and get to know our team and our centre. You can continue with one-on-one classes, or you might decide to join our small group classes. Our centre is very discreet; there are many people suffering from injuries and facing challenges.

OptionsPilates Studio
12/F, 16 Wyndham Street, Central.
3188 8112 | optionspilatesstudio.com


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