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Hair removal: his & her treatments

The weather is warming up and it’s time to get rid of those pesky unwanted hairs. It’s a bit of a pain but we have to do it! If you’re wondering which hair removal method to choose, here’s the lowdown from two top salons on what’s trending in de-fuzzing treatments in Hong Kong – for both men and women.


Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal technology has grown so rapidly in recent years that dedicated men’s salons have established themselves to cater to this rising male trend. PUMPKIN from LaserKool answers all our burning questions about this hair removal treatment.

What laser technology should we use?

It’s important to understand that no laser machine is perfect for all people. Our technicians will choose the right one for you, according to your skin colour. A good technician will also choose not only the right machine and wavelength, but the correct laser hand-piece designed to fit the body part they’re working on.

Does it hurt?

You may feel a slight pain, like a rubber band snapping, but it will only last a second. It may be stronger if your hairs are dense or darker, or if you have darker skin.

How many sessions do you need?

Laser hair removal starts to work even after one session, but to match the growth cycle of the hair follicles, multiple sessions (six to eight) are suggested.

Why is yours an all-male clinic?

We focus exclusively on men because our clients feel more comfortable in an environment that is all-male, including all-male technicians.

5/F, Cameron Plaza, 23 Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
9209 8992 | laserkool.hk



What’s the difference between a Brazilian, a Bikini and a Hollywood wax? We asked waxing expert and beautician DOLMA of Dolma Waxing Boutique for a guide to salon lingo, and what the most popular request is in Hong Kong.

The Brazilian (The Winner!):

This treatment removes hair from the entire pubic area, leaving a small strip of hair (landing strip or triangle) just above the vaginal area. The rest of the hair is completely removed from front to back including the buttocks and in-between.

The Bikini

A (regular) Bikini wax aims to remove the hair on the outside of your panty line. The technician will apply wax to remove hair from the sides and tidy up above your pubic triangle.

The Hollywood:

Feeling brave? A Hollywood waxes all the pubic hair off , removing it completely from the pubic area so you are entirely hairless.

Brazilian waxDolma Waxing Boutique has moved!
You can now find Dolma and her team at Unit 303, 3/F, Yu To Sang Building, 37 Queen’s Road Central.

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