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5 Cheap places to travel from Hong Kong

Yes, we’re love long summer breaks, but here at ELHQ we’re also revelling in the fact that living in Hong Kong affords us the chance to do so much short-haul travelling.  There’s some great cheap travel from this spot. Plus, we have so many public holidays that make for a perfect mini break – what to do with all that free time? Of course, we all want to jet away from Hong Kong and into the sunset (without using up any of our annual leave), but don’t the flight operators just know it? Prices creep up on a daily basis and if you don’t book months in advance you have to accept defeat and pay that bit extra. Or do you?

We’ve unearthed a few el cheapo places to head to from Hong Kong.

#1 Cebu, Philippines

Yeah, we think we could handle this for a few days!
Yeah, we think we could handle this for a few days!

Type in ‘Hong Kong to anywhere’ and the Philippines will be bang up there in that top search slot  – and not just for CNY. Cheap flights, amazing beaches, some of the best street food in Asia and that clear blue ocean. Quite frankly, we don’t know why we are not there right now! Luckily, we’ve already been and written a quick guide on this beautiful country, from where to eat and drink to where to sleep.

#2 Yunnan, China

Yup, that is real..and that could be you!
Yup, that is real..and that could be you!

If it’s possible to have a crush on a place, then we have one on Yunnan. Right on our doorstep, picture-perfect, and pretty unexplored. Flights to China can be affordable – don’t disregard them so quickly. That could be you in that picture up there! Read about an awe-inspiring trip to the Banyan Tree in Yunnan here!

#3 Thailand

It's not all about the beaches in Thailand
It’s not all about the beaches in Thailand

Just a skip and hop across the water and you will arrive in another expat favourite. With so many regions to explore, you don’t have to just spend days lazing on those stunning beaches. Bangkok is exploding with fun and culture, or why not head north up to Chiang Mai and check into a retreat. We’ve seen some pretty cheap flights flying around, so go and snap them up!

#4 Toyko, Japan

So much to see!
So much to see!

If we had to love another city like we love Hong Kong, it would be Tokyo! Talk about heightening all five senses! There is just something about Japan that gets our blood pumping. From the craziness of the cities to the calm of the mountains and those ski slopes .Take a look at our mini-guide to Tokyo for more recommendations.

#5 Vietnam

where to go for CNY in Hong Kong
Rice paddies and relaxation

Vietnam is the perfect family-friendly destination. Just over an hour’s flight from Hong Kong, you could be sipping your Vietnamese coffee before we even had a chance to battled the rush hour on the MTR. Fancy seeing that picture perfect photo above? Get the overnight train from Hanoi to Sapa and indulge in nature. It also proves one of the more wallet-friendly places on our list and has been one of our firm favourite get-aways here at Expat Living. Check out the last time we headed over to Vietnam with the family.

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