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Your fortune for 2016: Chinese Zodiac signs

We can’t believe it’s that time of year again. Clarice Chan brings her practical advice to You, the EL Reader, for each of the 12 animals of the zodiac, taken from her latest book, Your Fortune in 2016 (in bookstores and newsstands now). If you’re a Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon or Snake, read on. For the other signs of the Chinese zodiac, keep your eyes peeled over the next few days as Clarice reveals yours! (If you’re not sure what your sign is, here’s a handy calculator to check!)


signs of the chinese zodiac
Which sign are you?



This is a mixed energy year for the Rat sign. Those who are very active and have the tendency to overwork are advised to moderate their activities and pay extra attention to their health. To help yourself, make sure you have adequate rest and eat healthily. Personal safety must be taken seriously when travelling and driving. In your professional life, new roles and responsibilities will keep you busy. As changes are indicated, you must try to remain flexible should interruptions cause changes to your work routine. Jobseekers and those who are looking for a career change are likely to find good opportunities. To get the best from this year, you’ll need to stay calm, cooperative and focused. Maintaining healthy relationships with your co-workers and superiors is important. This is a socially active year, so it’s exceptionally good for Rats who are single and are looking to make new friends or find romance. Others who are in a steady relationship can look forward to an enjoyable and harmonious year with loved ones. Engagements or marriage are also indicated for those already in a relationship. Wealth energy will be positive; many can look forward to a better income as well as other financial gains. Overall, this Monkey year will hold many possibilities for the Rat sign; it’s one where you can expect growth, excitement and reward.



Unlike last year, where your journey was somewhat bumpy, you’ll be pleased to find the Yang Fire Monkey year more supportive and interesting. For more personal growth, you must be prepared to make changes in your career and lifestyle. Be aware that conflicts will upset your inner peace, therefore it’s best to stay removed from people who are quicktempered. Travel and group activities will be beneficial to your emotional wellbeing. While wealth energy is on the slow side this year, you’ll experience fewer and less dramatic fluctuations than in the previous year. Those who are in business must be more disciplined and cautious: you’re warned against making impulsive decisions due to outside pressure. Jobseekers will find it easier to get the job they desire. Those who are already in employment will find this a satisfactory year, but they must be prepared to face market competition from time to time. Relationships with friends and loved ones will be mostly harmonious. Singles should be more outgoing if they wish to find romantic partners. Those in relationships should make an effort to add more fun to their relationships. Parents should pay more attention to Oxen children, as they can be accident-prone and are also likely to keep problems and difficulties to themselves.

The Tiger sign clashes directly with the Yang Fire Monkey. As a precaution, all clashing signs are advised to keep a low profile, avoiding high-risk activities, adventurous sports and impulsive actions to protect themselves from harm. The severity of the clash will vary from person to person, and it’s important to understand that not every Tiger person will have the same experience. It’s also highly possible for a clashing sign to have a productive and exciting year. This is a year to be cautious with your spending, as money energy will fluctuate more than last year. Don’t be alarmed: there will be good, interesting and profitable months during the year. Those in employment may feel restless, especially in February and May. Many will look for opportunities to switch jobs. Those whose jobs are in sales will have to work harder in this hectic year to achieve their targets and goals. Those in business will feel the need to expand their horizons. The good news is that there will be new business opportunities, though you must be very mindful when making choices – be aware that being impulsive this year could cost you dearly financially. Multiple travels are indicated; for personal safety, be more patient on the road – especially when driving in foreign countries. General health will be stable for Tigers, but those with a weak immune system and preexisting conditions must take very good care of themselves.



This is going to be one of your important years, as it’s from here that you’ll find new directions and goals. Once you’ve made up your mind about the near future, you will find the support you need to move forward. You’ll be busy for most of the year, both with work and in your personal life. Business will be productive, and new partnerships and joint ventures are also possible. Rabbits who are actively working or running businesses will have a good financial year. On the other hand, be aware that investments may not give you the yield that you desire; therefore, it’s best to refrain from taking risks. This is also a good year for those who are pursuing further education or interested in taking up a self-improvement course. Rabbit children will also do well in school. This is a relationship-friendly year for those born under the sign of the Rabbit. Singles should make more effort to be part of the social scene and to meet new people, especially those who are looking for romance. Many Rabbits will also consider marriage this year. During this busy year, you must take very good care of your wellbeing as issues with fatigue and problems related to the digestive system are indicated. Ladies and more senior Rabbits should undergo routine check-ups. From time to time, it will be beneficial to have short getaways to places that offer peace and tranquillity.



The Yang Fire Monkey year will be a mixed year for those born under the Dragon sign. While your sign is in harmony with the Monkey sign, the surrounding stars are not overly helpful. In such a situation, it’s advisable for Dragons to tread this year mindfully and always try to be on the safe side. Don’t be disheartened: being a harmonious sign to the Monkey, you can still receive many blessings. Work and business for Dragons will have high and low moments. Keep in mind that interpersonal relationships can be problematic; gossip and jealousy are also indicated. To help yourself, you must try to remain detached from conflicts and petty issues at work. Choose to work independently and yet still be accessible to your co-workers when they need your help. While work and business energy can be challenging, the good news is that this is likely to be good financial year for the Dragons. So keep your energy strong and positive so that you can run the course of the year successfully. Socially, this is an active and exciting year; the Fire Monkey will bring celebrations, parties and travel. This is especially good for those who wish to make new friends. Love encounters, however, can be tricky; it’s best to avoid jumping into a relationship too quickly. Finally, please keep in mind that the energy of this Monkey year can be erratic: activities like rushing around, reckless driving and high-risk sports are discouraged. So make sure you keep healthy and safe.



Those born under the Snake sign will be happy to note that they are the most compatible sign to 2016’s ruling sign, the Monkey. According to the Chinese astrology system, signs that are compatible with the sign of the year are likely to have a good and dynamic journey. However, it’s also important to understand that the level of success will vary from person to person. The element to which the Snake belongs also plays an important part. Still, 2016will give you a good head start and you must keep a positive mindset, decide on personal goals and take determined steps forward to make this a successful year. Generally, this is likely to be an active, busy and exciting year for Snakes. In your professional life, be prepared that this Monkey year will bring about changes. Snakes who are looking for advancement are encouraged to keep up with trade knowledge and think about upgrading their skills. Those who are job-seeking will have to be more selective and patient as more time will be needed to secure the right job. Overseas postings are also possible. Financially, this is a positive year; better income jobs, commissions and bonuses are indicated. However, your expenditure is also likely to increase significantly, especially since Snakes generally love the finer things in life. Home and family relationships will be mostly harmonious. Social life will be more active than last year, especially for those who are still single. Those who are attached will need to be more mindful and sensitive to the feelings of their loved ones. Health-wise, you are prone to fatigue and issues related to the blood and heart. As this is an active and hectic year, you are cautioned not to take personal safety for granted, especially if you’re very active in sports, or a frequent traveller or driver.


Got a Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog or Pig in the household? Stay tuned for these signs coming up in the next few days!

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